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Breakingviews: M&A lacking Elan

Monday, Feb 25, 2013 - 03:01

Feb 25 - Royalty Pharma's $6.6 bln approach for the biotech is at a scrawny 4 percent premium. Richard Beales and Robert Cyran discuss why the specialist investor may still be the right owner – at the right price.

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Management business this -- Monday as royalty from. And making indicative six point six billion dollar offer to buy a land corporation. This is funny deal -- was that a tiny premium 4% premium to Friday's play as we normally that would be kind of as you know -- for -- -- you'd expect something like a 50% pre -- of the pat. But the promise along isn't really Biotech market. If the cash out what is they discovered drug which you through multiple presses an insult. Most of us right back to their partner. For slams already drug company name oh well it's in -- three billion of cash and it's also get a smaller royalty on sales of this is deterrent snobbery. Future that that was it's really it is. Big -- yeah and so now what the company says and we got this money were GNU we're gonna buybacks and stock billion dollars and then what worries most of the cash to go and buy out other companies. And relative farm is stepping in things investors are are worried that mentions in to a bunch of all well deals. And just weeks this Apple's growth department saying well. He can you tell us that ended a very small cache table this is laurel island it's and they. They adorable thing is -- royalty exactly Billick factory -- drug companies -- negative cash strapped Biotech as the Astros -- and they say well you know will will will buy half the royalties he -- twice the price than the full percent premium to Friday's dollars and 66% of capacity than the previous Friday which is beautiful -- the other prisoners that are that. Mario -- rated the royalty -- efforts these guys and then and then a couple days later. We no longer updates shareholders and says guess what we're buying back of the stomach that the neglected to mention the growth folks but they did not mention. Help our case it's not some. Rate by take drug with prospects and maybe was expected. 70% premium now and then in and focus and -- in the -- in the if you look at the price the price is about the story. -- -- that implies that and relatives left open an option saying you know we -- due diligence will -- and possibly update. That's that's kind of code language that market saying it's a mark here but that's the right -- us less -- -- -- this is little Credo but it. No no it's not it's under the Irish takeover rules they had they had to come here where we're putting -- -- the tables. That companies like. And it's it -- Wednesday. Deleting them on the bus and then all of this to some ominous that the debate is that it seems unlikely in that you know it -- to stick it in the could be other financial buyers out there -- it it's a small sort of universe of companies that got there via. Royalty rates for companies are our biggest so it's it's probably not a very large. I bidders. That said they're gonna have to hire him to justice. The -- will leave it -- that's those of the -- drug. For this Monday and will have mold breaking news.

Breakingviews: M&A lacking Elan

Monday, Feb 25, 2013 - 03:01

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