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U.S. Day Ahead: Ben Bernanke, Martha Stewart on the menu

Monday, Feb 25, 2013 - 03:26

Feb. 25 - Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke prepares for a 2-day testimony and Martha Stewart makes an appearance in court to defend her company against a lawsuit from Macy's.

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Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke heading for the -- for the next two days. -- up for what could be an exhausting congressional hearings tomorrow Bernanke faces a senate banking committee where he's likely discuss the fallout from sequestration. Mark also wanna hear more on how long that that -- -- of quantitative easing program your monthly bond purchases. Last month they decided to buy bonds and an 81 billion a month -- who is to a significant improvement in the outlook for the labor market. You'll definitely be just about that -- will definitely -- no sponsor in two clear of fashion because it's gonna depend. All fiscal policy. Very political issues which and is likely to say -- -- reduce the deficit and stabilize the growth in the dead of its time we -- to do anything that opposites the recovery which is still very fragile. Part two of this hearing will take place on Wednesday when he'll -- -- house financial services committee. We've got a bunch of companies -- reporting Tuesday first up Macy's. Retailer which boasts a market cap of fifteen billion dollars casino profits rise for three straight quarters. Analysts expect me to continue the winning streak when it reports before the -- but some investors worry that Macy's like Wal-Mart. May have suffered a setback because consumers are spending -- in recent tax. Speaking of Macy's Martha Stewart also on the -- he's heading to court to testify in the case brought by Macy's against her company and JC Penney. What Stewart living omnimedia also reports fourth quarter results tomorrow. And travel web site Priceline reports after the bell after a surprise visit from captain Kirk at the Oscars we'll -- -- William -- Also known as Priceline negotiator. Still has his magic an -- from JPMorgan expects strong numbers for Priceline give the solid performance that rivals Expedia and -- Also on the earnings front Home Depot hoping to wow investors with a beat. -- lows Wall Street expects some people to benefit from recent uptick in the housing market and rebuilding efforts after her jeans and 2013. Already looking good home -- at a plant hire 80000 seasonal workers this -- 14% more than last year. It's -- as one of the best performers on the down 2012 with gains of 50% for the year. From home to prove itself home sales points while wasn't stellar year for housing the new home sales rising to their highest -- three years. We'll see if that trend continues the 2013. Also on the housing front -- S&P Case Shiller Index likely -- home prices increasing again in December. With all this positive news surrounding housing Americans are feeling pretty good about the economy. And consumer confidence index for forever is expected to reflect just that. Frustrations worries anybody. JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie diamond front and center on Wall Street. We -- new team of managers to share outlook for the bank. -- has changed since last year's talk only to look eight. -- colleagues -- vote of confidence when he while we're still in the same job. We have left the executive ranks altogether and responsibilities of three others had changed. We'll catch us on Twitter Reuters Insider and get more of our great videos or Reuters dot com slash Reuters TV. I'm Fred Katayama this is what.

U.S. Day Ahead: Ben Bernanke, Martha Stewart on the menu

Monday, Feb 25, 2013 - 03:26

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