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U.S. Day Ahead: Apple should focus on emerging markets

Tuesday, Feb 26, 2013 - 02:28

Feb 26 - As Apple get's ready to face disappointed investors at its shareholder meeting, one analyst says talk of preferred stocks is a sideshow and that the tech giant should focus on emerging markets.

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Apple boss Tim Cook -- face him frustrated investors at the company's annual shareholder medianews. The big question courtesy heads like -- David Einhorn is whether -- plans to use the company's 137. Billion dollar cash hoard. To boost its battered share price that has tumbled more than 35% since those beauty and it's September guys. But if I jail according to research of Travis it's as -- should focus on a better strategy for emerging market. But iPhone is quote we took over price. And all the latest reaction to that meeting lives on in size. Former apple executive now JC -- boss Ron Johnson gets another chance to defend his leadership -- the retailer reports earnings. The company said its profits shrink from a year ago after seeing this all these sales plunged 25%. Johnson -- promised Wall Street that any transformational is continuing on schedule with another thirty boutiques to open this year. But any signal the rollout might be delayed because of cash problems could hit the chains already battered shares. -- down 13% six months ago. Now this might sound a little bit crazy that could be time to give Groupon a break. Online daily deal site is at the sees earnings growth from last quarter and the year ago when it reports results. That's because the company began hosting searchable meals and it is sending out email blasts. -- you early to -- turn around. Mr. AG which upgraded the stock of -- recently it has its business in Europe is a big risk because of the economic crisis. Groupon stock has more than doubled since hitting an all time low in November but it is still down more than 80% since going public in 2011. -- big -- is durable goods it's additional manufacturing still fragile state. Turning away the volatile transportation sector orders should grow by less than half percent in January the weakest reading in five months point nine are. The on the look at price on quarters following it would mean concerns about the US is this the future is taking a bigger bite out of the economy than expected. It catches on Twitter Reuters Insider and get more of our videos -- Reuters dot com slash Reuters TV. Program to look pitcher Ben Bernanke's testimony on the hill who want an insider and AM eastern. Markets are hoping he'll give more details about 85 billion dollars worth of budget cuts could create quote a significant headwind for the economy. I'm Fred Katayama this is what.

U.S. Day Ahead: Apple should focus on emerging markets

Tuesday, Feb 26, 2013 - 02:28

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