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Samsung? They don’t scare us…

Wednesday, Feb 27, 2013 - 04:05

Feb. 27 - Samsung’s dominance in mobile phones is no barrier to entry for new firms, says Huawei marketing chief Shiao Yang as the Chinese firms sets out to grab a bigger share of consumer markets.

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I've seen him last Siri either really it to the FR us because last year when they beat inflammation inside. -- transformed from the B to B to B to C from them on to me than the high end. And from the -- and -- is -- transformation that created are put to that today that we positive confirmation. And that we get that great sales last year. And this year senate race at one mall and dusty areas of the two meetings mindful that this year I'll -- -- he's sixty meeting. It's an awful lot WT differentiators to Samsung sunny and set TV. I see his -- seeing busing policy in Farsi using the nation. Facing quality very brave innovation company. And that we tried to satisfy -- consumer past -- future while you are trying to be the best Smartphone. Provide variable they hope trying to -- -- -- tourists and that's only come from. In China -- you defend John market's advance competition. I think it can say that -- markets that the market is that like the world market. You have different requirement and you can see also the button -- Chinese singer as global market share. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Consumer sold a -- China also have a lot of people's your mom. And also thing in the Mac if possible so we need to listen to them and you know image files and the next something they create like possible. All the big players like some senior biggest Larry are you nervous on the Pakistani -- low -- and trends we have. Awful -- three. Ninety these serious time on easing the high tech knowledge we call it to approximate tech knowledge. And piece here is an afternoon. We try to make -- Best design and fashion possible. And that he serious. We try to be it is. Best that is between better than money. And why serious US series we try to be does that fast affordable small awful. So each each seriously and try to assess file it's best that believe this there. And also -- not like I mentioned before we are be transformed from nowhere and to me that -- time. And -- -- that great yet column that you've -- -- -- and do you want San quite Larry in tact and believe this year the success. That part dot. 52. And the foam there be quite popular. How worried -- about Samsung's overall dominance on her android supply us. I think is a seasoned salt is a lottery the seize the opportunity. It causes there are so many people's parliament. And the one culminating to the communities that impossible. I believe disease he's via opportunities that full quality because we have -- we have the innovation community. That is there. -- -- -- -- People's demands that it. The leading provider -- provides. Still I believe I can we can do this with this aggressive pricing for the content of what kind of marches you achieving. You mean perfect -- game taxing has this is not nothing too easy to say that profit margin. For the -- this part we -- follows the -- else that -- -- in the developed country and I can't you're seeing the United States and Japan. And plus it's marketed the thought -- when the need is. Hi and it Archie also than me done and then go -- And for these phone is a wrong you in the I -- bill. Too -- I'm not a very high end missing that are -- to benefit more people need to see the price he's -- the me don't and I believe. People we said -- for lack -- you very guys.

Samsung? They don’t scare us…

Wednesday, Feb 27, 2013 - 04:05

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