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Reuters Breakingviews: EU warns banks to behave - or face consequences

Thursday, Feb 28, 2013 - 04:09

Feb. 28 - The EU bank bonus cap is the authorities telling the banks to get their houses in order or face the consequences, says Reuters Breakingviews. The banks should comply with the spirit of the proposed regulation.

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If you can't behavior get punished that's not rubble Kohl speaking to his kids that the EU saying self regulate or face the consequences to the banks. Yeah that's pretty much sums that -- right I -- that's one of the clear. Implications of wolves had hit today. I think caught a lot of people would be difficult to object to this reminder of the rules in which most of the limits the rules of which -- thing. Imposed. -- it's note. Called but the point is to suggest the bank has -- a tight. But the kind of way this is the entities in the sort of formal regulation is being put in place for lack of flexibility. Possible. -- unintended consequences that -- coming to apply. And I'm the bit about you know actually I -- I dislike pay for rule profit companies is really not a contract between -- and as the eldest. And the people and it's not really. The roll off the authorities to control -- if you don't get Iran not to get. If you don't sell for tonight -- and you can't really surprise nobody that if the authorities do want to come and impose some rules that they've they've done this one to two ratio. Episode 121 is -- a deadline -- but then there is some latitude to pay -- to get up to white towels. It knows -- -- you going to bring users had in the past few weeks the result of this is gonna be base salaries increasing enormously. Com. Is that going to be more of that or we gonna see more clever ways of paying bankers but I think. -- -- all three actually -- we'll put those two and and the third one yes the united. The easy way to get around and -- -- self imposed -- of imposed. Relation between. Fixed and variable size -- to put up a fixed element and that's don't ask don't really have picked up. And yes I think it will be structures. And -- the ways of around. From the game tickets tickets around the rules. But I but I but I also think there will be an element in which the banks conscious that it's. You know they they do have to look off of that license to a -- conscious of the end of the day they -- depend on state helpful. -- -- in an extremist I think these measures will have some effect you know I think that banks will Roy coaches and courses through them and broadly speaking I I imagine. I'm not expect them to try and at least have the spirit to the limits of the. Okay let's just with a bank to elevate story is the obvious number com. Some people down with a five point two billion lost some people down with the operating profit of three point six or thereabouts. Market doesn't of these numbers. But let's talk about (%expletive) so are we moving closest to that point where the government can and a commitment. Oh I thought I think Sutton and another thing would would would that clubs. And luckily schedule which. IE is suggesting that. Assess -- is conceivable. In 2002 at full speed and but. The caucus has to go over there has to do extremely well number of different fronts internally. And get some help from the regulators in terms of the way structures and easy to get out. Well I think it it Monique but I didn't quite see for myself the rush you know it will be much much better for all concerned he told the mine's pretty good -- so to the right kind of show holders of the -- -- And -- that took us to. 2020 fools or others who -- what the problem with they've been infected to get it going to. And get some value back as well for a vote for the child -- -- that's still the toughest job in the UK banking industry. This case goes to school job but you know and I understand his problem remuneration for instance and -- And we come from so if it all right rob have things of that Rubin co breaking news that's it for me. I Dorsey US showed twelve see Easton 1730 GMT every day I'm axle problems sources.

Reuters Breakingviews: EU warns banks to behave - or face consequences

Thursday, Feb 28, 2013 - 04:09

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