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Techquity: Narrowing niche for Nook, Facebook falling

Thursday, Feb 28, 2013 - 03:23

Fed 28 - Tech giants pressuring Barnes & Noble's Nook sales while Facebook hits a 2013 low.

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Four horsemen want challenger zero. It's not easy to take not apple Amazon FaceBook and Google are four horsemen of the Internet -- a lot of money and market share. Barnes & Noble finding that out the hard way its -- 26. Device sales and e-book sales slipping. The unit sales going from 427. Million in the quarter last year to 316. Million this year and nearly 26% drop. The loss before accounting for things like taxes and depreciation more than doubled to 190 million from 83 million a year ago. Barkley calling the fall alarming while Morningstar says it's concerned about the secular shift online purchases at Amazon. And digital consumption of content at the hands of competitors like Amazon apple and Google. Barnes & Noble shares actually moving higher. As a company confirmed as founder Leonard Riggio is having ongoing discussions with the board as a considers selling its retail business. The reinforcements cited by analysts -- affecting the bookseller all higher today. The fourth -- not faring so well today that being FaceBook. The stock dropping to a new low this year of 2637. It has been trading below its fifty day moving average for awhile. The social network missing some Wall Street growth targets with its earnings out last month. Today at least one analyst speculating about an increase in competition courtesy of Russian billionaire archer it was funny -- He sold about 500 million dollars worth of Russian Internet firm bailed out room. Bank of America Merrill Lynch thinks he could put the money until rival social network because top. This money it was an early investor in FaceBook. In our best of the rest today Microsoft. Sources telling Reuters that EU competition regulators plan to find a company before the end of march. The cases tied the software -- antitrust battle in Europe more than a decade ago. The European Commission had accused Microsoft in October last year breaking a promise to offer European consumers a choice of rival browsers. The previous version is windows operating system. The company made the pledge in 2009 to settle in EU antitrust investigation. And stave off a penalty that could've been as much as 10%. Of global revenues shares or roughly flat today. -- are soaring and sputtering segment. We start with a daily deals site Groupon which is sputtering. The stock of one point sank nearly 30% today after the company swung to a loss in its fourth quarter. And gets a smaller cut of revenue from the daily deals that merchants offer. At least three brokerages downgraded the stock -- it was just last week that Piper Jaffray analyst gene Munster had upgraded the stock to overweight from neutral. Group on proving a bad deal for earlier investors it is lost three fourths of its value since going public in November of 2011. And soaring today third technologies. The company posting better than expected quarterly results on higher sales of its latest scanner. Shares up 14%. And that's kept putting this Thursday remembering and false on Twitter archaeologist equity. I'm Fred Katayama this is well.

Techquity: Narrowing niche for Nook, Facebook falling

Thursday, Feb 28, 2013 - 03:23

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