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U.S. Day Ahead: What's Buffett's next big deal?

Thursday, Feb 28, 2013 - 03:25

Feb. 28 - We could get more clues when the billionaire investor releases his latest annual letter to Berkshire shareholders, fresh from that $23 billion dollar Heinz deal.

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He's 46 billion dollars and apparently loves catch up. Yeah Warren Buffett is back after that 23 billion dollar Heinz Field. We have the annual letter to Berkshire shareholder. Is one of these most read corporate documents the oracle of Omaha I usually takes up more than twenty pages sharing his thoughts on America on the economy and mark. Investors won't know for sure let's spend more money in mergers this year after dropping twelve billion dollar -- of February. But also wanna know if the company will surfing and dividend and shares after years of clamoring for Buffett to return something to investors. And they want to know -- -- -- yield virtual beating Buffett hinted last year that -- -- been chosen. But he is simple want. There's lots of speculation that it could be -- -- like -- Jane. It was a big -- assurance executive. Or Tony nicely who runs Berkshire's Geico auto insurance was. On and it has -- -- -- -- all time high. Down slightly just 110 points short of its record close. One factor that could you hit that little magic is and chair Ben Bernanke he's speaking about interest rates in San Francisco in the evening it's his third appearance this week after he reassure congress that bad why is sticking to -- stimulus program but the markets still wants to now how Bernanke eventually plans to unload the trillions of dollars of bonds. On the -- And that's why did back in business investors wanna see more signs of a turnaround from new Boston -- -- when a company reports earnings. Actually surged 45%. Since hitting an all time low in late this summer he thinks do better than expected sales which were flat over the holiday. The profits are still set to be down from a year ago which is working analysts suntrust feds pay attention to how much and best I bottom line only sacrificed. To boost revenue him. We'll do another CEO facing an uphill battle. JC -- -- Ron Johnson is expected to testify in new York State Supreme Court vacate mean he's brought against his company. And Martha Stewart Living Macy's has all accused of plotting to steal the domestic -- away pennies. Plans to open Martha Stewart boutiques within its stored and made the claim and has exclusive rights -- Certain product categories. -- hearing more about Johnson's turn around plan. Any tumbled 17% at the close after reporting its sales plummeted over 30% during the crucial holiday quarter. Your big academics got to focus on its vehicles fail I of art says there are likely to come in at a robust annual pace at fifteen point five million cargo -- in January. That's surprising at most economists thought higher tax would -- demand for new cars in front nine now apparently better access to islands of boosting the factor. And you digit is anything under fourteen point seven million vehicles according to I -- aren't that would mean consumers are in worse shape. And we'll follow us on trigger greater than fighter and get more of our great videos on Reuters dot com slash writers TV. Friday the deadline for lawmakers to avoid 85 billion dollars worth of automatic spending cuts. If you are still unsure about what the sequester could -- to the economy we can give you -- down sixty seconds and trust me it doesn't slippery. I'm -- mom this is greater.

U.S. Day Ahead: What's Buffett's next big deal?

Thursday, Feb 28, 2013 - 03:25

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