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Techquity: New low for Apple, Google praise, Facebook plan

Friday, Mar 01, 2013 - 02:58

Mar 1 - Apple hits 52-week low. An analyst praises Google Glass while Facebook plans another announcement.

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Apple calls them resign -- step down. Company unable to holds 52 week low for 35 from late January shares dropped nearly 2% to 432 as we tape this Friday afternoon. Apple the worst performing the SP 500 information technology sectors suffered 2013. Is down about 18%. One positive for apple ever activist investor David Einhorn dropped his lawsuit against the company. This follows a judge's decision to stop apple from holding a shareholder vote and eliminates ability to issue preferred shares its discretion. There is no basis for the lawsuit our -- still calling -- for apple to return cash to shareholders. And Google's getting praised for its vision its business yes but specifically how it sees the world really how I want you to see the world. -- yet. Piper Jaffray analyst gene Munster raising its price target on the stock because it will glass at the computer that connects to a pair of glasses. He thinks the device may be its first major consumer and investor should get the stock higher priced earnings ratio for the potential Google entering new markets. Monster going from 828 to 930 to share. Can imagine -- anyone except the real they're getting excited about these things -- grew up for actually today hundreds of bucks. Another announcement coming from FaceBook the social networks hosting media its headquarters Thursday to unveil a new look at efforts popular news feed. Shares now up 2% they're down that much earlier before the news came out of all the details next week. And what makes Nacchio could investment. Or not. Let's start Groupon which fires co-founder and CEO Andrew Mason after dismal quarterly results stocks down more than 75%. From its IPO price. Take a look at Palo Alto networks its quarterly results released yesterday at the bell -- -- -- at 7% in cash flow from operations up 20%. Went public last year and -- outperformed the SP 500 tech heavy NASDAQ. What's the -- -- companies well group does a trendy company into consumers and Palo -- a -- one aimed at businesses. More importantly and you don't set shop and sell Internet coupons there was lots of competition. Take a look at how it makes offering here for Internet traffic and security for companies. Out of business -- -- dog sent. Of course just because companies it is this difficult setup doesn't mean your license -- profits. To good start. Soaring sputtering time soaring Strong sales of its cloud based services helping posted better than expected quarterly profit shares up more than 7% to 52 week high. And sputtering. OmniVision Technologies. The maker -- -- digital cameras and other products beat quarterly forecasts but issued a weaker than anticipated Alec shares down 9%. Let's take this Friday wherever you can call us -- -- -- -- terrorist equity. I'm rob -- him and his right.

Techquity: New low for Apple, Google praise, Facebook plan

Friday, Mar 01, 2013 - 02:58

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