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Audi CEO Stadler takes aim at number 1 luxury car maker spot

Tuesday, Mar 05, 2013 - 04:42

Mar. 5 - Audi CEO Rupert Stadler tells Reuters Julian Satterthwaite how he plans to oust BMW as the world's biggest luxury car maker.

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-- Japanese automakers have so far emerged relatively unscathed from the crisis engulfing European telemarketers spot is that about to change. Because Antonio showed a decline of 10% of Germans -- sales for February. Well joining me now is -- CEO Rupert Stadler thanks for talking to us today. How bad is it now in Germany a union. I think we've had to. I agree on that. Europe. These in every position. And and thousands a couple of months we see also that a determined not it is getting weaker and because. But nevertheless you know if you brands. Has good values if you products -- in good shape. You should -- Market which is going backwards so. We fight back with the product and we feel at least because. Of our international presence. That's into the balance can you tell us anything about you'll have recitals. -- was excellent temporary it was very goats and -- -- -- together plus once again the prospect and you know -- there. When did you think we can expect to see and and often mean that is is -- to put so much to hope for an upturn this year. I think we will see at least in Europe still. The next it goes to eighteen months we markets. There regional beat surprising. Coming up towards. By test site. Looking outside Europe. Where are we seeing growth I mean we did see in Austria some easing into malls -- luxury cars in China for example. What did you feel China now. We have a very good feeling in China because January was an unexpected throes of a modest that it sent. And also February it was quite -- -- inside of the Chinese New Year and to receive further run and he -- -- -- in China. And that we also expect growth in South America North America but also in Russia for -- it's Chinese New Year put a bit of a -- annual sales. But but these analysts because of that education. And now now looking globally you -- talk about being the number one luxury culminated by 2015. Haven't heard so much about that recently you don't you change and that's all. We said that until 2015 you wanna sell one point five million cars. 2012. We got that one point four billion area and we of working heavily on it. And then we already fixed the new targets additional -- at times so we want to two draw up to two million units accounted for any training. We saw a lot of nice also ambitious targets from the state isn't BMW Wasilla. The competition is on -- number one on a win and if -- by increasing numbers. Offense now. The Euro and also the city facts of the -- comfortable with where the Euro is now. I think so one insidious. By the realistic figure for the -- if you compared to the US dollar. Was there of the currency it is yes ultimate bubble was 130 about what you expected. -- deputy. Okay what do you war future product on the web in terms of segments where where you gonna be looking for growth and indecent speech making a big bets on suvs for example. Is that is that really what you see the Grossman. Source of all we've seen growth -- a family in the eighth street Tammany. And nevertheless we see at this kind of grows in the 2000. Because US UV segments -- the tenth -- -- in all the -- one of the -- In particular this war look crossovers. Of citizens since a lot of interest in that from manufacturers. Everywhere in Geneva today is that how how interest is -- We have already shown in Perry's last year -- trusting whooping. So these -- kind of car which we would like to see in the future because. It gives you comfort that gives you a feeling of security feeling and to these type of cars are also a fuel efficient. Because so we will use plug in hybrid technologies and you know in future. And every manufacturer punting into the space now it is is there room for everybody the then you have to be quicker. Faster than the others this is a petition.

Audi CEO Stadler takes aim at number 1 luxury car maker spot

Tuesday, Mar 05, 2013 - 04:42

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