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Daimler boss Zetsche running low on gas

Tuesday, Mar 05, 2013 - 03:38

Mar. 5 - Sputtering sales and a flagging share price are putting Daimler CEO and Mercedes Benz head Dieter Zetsche under mounting pressure.

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-- Turmoil in the slow market by sales in China. Very successful rivals and Audi and BMW. Assault ship writes nothing is quite doing right from the site for the moment. I spoke to Mercedes chief -- -- such out -- happened since he was -- -- -- -- -- Europe was now spreading to his whole -- ball hits in Germany there. Like just behind me we have not so good making products coming. Which finds it very good -- exception. And reaction in the marketplace so. We -- generally it did good in Europe. We think we can continue to grow off course did not immune to world markets developments there and of course I would like to assemble cots in Europe. There but we have the whole globe and we can therefore. Offset some of the shortfalls in Europe in. Best of what can you set yourselves inside. This sales numbers there will be published today in the next days then not so. Available at that point of time. There's definitely some what -- -- -- markets we already have seen the numbers and yes which have been very very touching. Now what about China sales down then I'll -- to display union China and boy what needs to change in north China strategy. Well in China certain integrity and have a very tough months. To some extent because of comparison won't ask you where there was no Chinese New Year and every. About -- and other and that we have addressed all of that main issue is which is and you. Leadership which is one integrated sales organization you go to market strategy -- -- dealers. And -- -- product coming there as well and -- these ingredients that I am very confident that we will. Read. Activates the momentum in this -- and closed campus you'll rivals by what date. Well at -- out of -- now we are at the same level or ahead of audio already. That China now we have to. To accelerate. We have stopped its local production in China. -- than our main competitors so. This is to some extent to catch up process which we go. Accelerating it the CLA your mind product how much is riding on the -- Well that's one of the five members of the new compact car is which altogether certain is very important for growth. But we expend no portfolio in all segments including the compact car segment therefore this is one important product. But the other us as they bought this uncertainty will especially -- -- look for the brand. After -- -- couple questions about your future. Only a three year extension. It was under review for you on -- do you see yourself getting another three years in three years time. Both actually from today's perspective it's four years. What would happen that that's senate next contract we'll see. I am very fine this for years that is as much as the government typically -- as so we will suddenly be able to. We'll -- a major step forward we don't help. Was doing new CEO Lou it you'll choice you have viewers it was a forced on anybody. We have brought together a strong people in the bottom management according to government all we have for. Combines responsibility anyway. As so whatever the specific tasks we would just continue to execute our strategy is successful that.

Daimler boss Zetsche running low on gas

Tuesday, Mar 05, 2013 - 03:38

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