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Economy 2013: InterContinental Europe CEO targets Russia

Tuesday, Mar 05, 2013 - 04:17

Mar. 5 - InterContinental Hotels Europe CEO Angela Brav says the group will double its presence in Russia and introduce the Holiday Inn Express brand there for the first time.

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-- Intercontinental hotels is doubling its presence in Russia introducing the Holiday Inn express -- they have for the first time. Get to tell us more as Angela -- she's Intercontinental hotels European chief executive and she joins us from bella and -- what does a sponsor and until Russia does that mean that it. That will soon become as important market for you US and China. Jamie Russia is as important to us as any of the market we I have targeted -- we want to be the leader in Russia. And this agreement that we're announcing today in sunny Berlin we'll put this on the map and double our. Growth in Russia. But I thought what I say so what we are announcing today is a huge deal what we will be. Signing 88 an agreement to doom fifteen Holiday Inn expresses the first open the first or second quarter of 2014. And -- a disk. And then the remainder will open sometime over the next five to six years. Okay but just moving back to the US and China the US has been fairly -- China is not drawing as much as husband lost 1020 years of that 1015 years. How you will that affect you overall business. Well well you know. What's going on in the Americas and -- rush is extremely important but we are expecting a billion people to travel into this region. Rush is an extremely important market it has it will be and one of the fastest going out markets in Europe in this part of the world. And so we wanna make sure that we have branded experience is branded hotels so that when Russians travel outbound they will be looking for our grants. Not just want to ask about you know brought the -- to dig -- you know we'll tell just selling assets are on June retaining control of the management contracts. How it was like going -- and how do you expect that to progress. Well you know we're on an asset light strategy that's the way we do business and we. Are doing exceptionally well with that strategy it works for us and allows us to grow. And it allows our shareholders to get good returns. And it's the model that we think works for us. I want to ask you about. Hotel guests I mean what role should be being sold you may think we -- what does this same thing but can you. What does that develop market gets one on what does that developing market desk one other any differences. Well I think all. Most people but trouble want is safe clean -- friendly hotel that gives them what they're looking for. And what branded hotels do is they allow you to. Give against what they expect and to do that consistently. All across the world that doesn't mean we do the same exact thing. But what that means is that what they expect will be delivered to them so when you're traveling in Munich -- -- have a certain experience -- branded experience and when you're traveling to Russia you have a brand experience that will deliver what you expect when you go to Russia. Can I just want to finish up on that twenty -- team. We're already two months into it what big events out on the horizon for this year that you expects might boost your profits. Well as -- always you know this year we've -- we have them. He had pretty good growth ambitions -- -- on target. To meet those growth ambitions. Hotels are doing well. We expect a billion people to travel to Europe we plan to get more than our fair share. Last year we had our GI growth which means we -- competition we plan to do the same this year we plan to do that by providing guests. With a consistent and great experience when they -- I HD brands. Angela thank you very much my fights that suit until a -- to think six -- above Intercontinental hotels you know. We'll tune in for our coverage of the Geneva motor show later today we'll be speaking to -- Nissan CEO palace -- I'm Jenny you gave out. This of voters.

Economy 2013: InterContinental Europe CEO targets Russia

Tuesday, Mar 05, 2013 - 04:17

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