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Kia: The joke's on rivals

Wednesday, Mar 06, 2013 - 06:28

Mar. 6 - Kia has gone from joke to rising star, but with sales growth forecast to hit a 10-year low is the shine starting to come off? Julian Satterthwaite talks to Kia president and designer Peter Schreyer

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And is there any. We'll keep it falls it falls well maybe because -- eulogy. Things look very different golf ball and yet my next guest. -- yet mr. Thought he was proves it happens quite expense once things won't be -- -- -- -- it in addition to -- -- plan. Yeah. It is Vietnam's commitment. Six. That this is only. The home home value brands. -- right I don't know I think. We have come actually. Quite the way. And give renewed the complete Tokyo all the range now. This is the process that is. A never ending story it's an on an ongoing process. You know review because you always think about the next what can have but what -- the next. And I think this could likely be so -- all areas others. And it hopefully -- It. Why I think you know argue -- -- now. Folks popping up all over the road. I think the public perception is changed quite a bit that people really. That we have a very defiant. Beside them -- -- -- and -- -- recognize our Paulson and both of some people who I'm not decide that they. Come to me and say we've we've seen your calls and I think that this is coming more and more now. Months I don't remember people all the time price. So he. For me. So I would not want to talk too much about pricing not at all. Say from. From want it to the point of view. Say -- design point of view and overall perception awful all of a ball called the ran. I think this could throw BP than ever let it be aspiring overview we want to. Hold -- back down the road resolving it. It's. Going like us now -- this and -- Beside -- changing its. I think that. In that. Confirmation process and then there's this this Nintendo president if you are married. This time made a very important important broad. Maybe not the only the only heroes left. This site is a very very important point -- and I think. We are because of their very in if you don't -- I didn't I just. Yeah a little bit -- won't this tells us a sense of disappointment and confusion about. Always. It's little. Be. False. Boy erase copyrights. We you know we had tried to emotion and eyes our bread and I'll call for me. Recalls that -- not only rationale. But also -- yard. Your feelings is -- something. I would like to drive was relatively good supporters and maybe put. Countless interviews and well at the moment this is only -- -- that call but the way it's done. If we've got called the -- to make it into production. I think you people don't need to change that much it's proportional rise in. Being televised. It's it's called unrealistic. At the moment it's just a study by the side. Once it -- -- the incident -- -- lesson you'll you'll tell you -- lines. Wilson into the well. The innocent. I think this is a segment especially you'll be very very very to pick out. For us because. They've -- a bit of a premium brands. They have the image. Most. On the market. But I think it's important. To step by step also. Showed the ability to make it to be able to -- -- showed to be able to make this kind of calls go. -- -- Having said things -- done very well even if you rode -- ten in. On this whole this era of racquet -- Yet. I think the background of this is also. Philosophy about German that he wants an open only to grow in numbers we'll also. Growing -- if you. And sales. Slowed for the next few years. I am I think so but the best -- yeah. -- designer by trade had the audacity. You know and it. Never would have believed enough and -- -- the end -- No I broke up voter will have -- Thought about that. To me this is through a very. Exciting adventure. It's so that I enjoy and it's. Really very rewarding to see how this company's developing and how the success of the company grows and -- -- we believe that all of period I don't know I think he's not the desire and and the other if was he offense and keeps on the judgment and yeah. I did that play.

Kia: The joke's on rivals

Wednesday, Mar 06, 2013 - 06:28

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