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Venezuela mourns Hugo Chavez - Rough Cuts

Wednesday, Mar 06, 2013 - 02:14

March 6 - Venezuela mourns its charismatic and contentious late President, Hugo Chavez.

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Time yeah I yeah. -- -- -- I'm mostly home schooling -- I was with his daughters his brother his family members and receive the hardest and the most tragic news of -- for transmit to the people. 425 in the afternoon today. Defeat the march worker and he's coming on today President Hugo Chavez read it off by this feel -- when I'm the president there. We'll -- something. Venezuela's president -- Chavis finally succumbed to -- sent -- to full operations in Cuba. His death ended fourteen years of charismatic but let's not rule that tempt him into a major -- again. -- lessens the national stage in 1992. With an attempt to -- against them the death caught us of this pettis. It fans but his popular message resonated with -- status quo. We love him may he rest in BC glory. In a face in 1998 teach very strained his nation's agenda. Nationalizing may just -- that the economy. The -- in spite helped to my become acute during his fast time. Within 48 -- -- to support -- -- -- so just let him back into office. He can be contentious. You know -- notice. Yesterday ladies and gentlemen from the same place the president of the United States who like -- with a -- -- came -- speaking of the owner of the world. His critics of breaking the accused the government to think about and that kind of stay in the country to its Cuban style of thirst Carrie -- Well. And that's -- -- never stopped serving the Venezuelan people never. Until the day I die. But the son of cups of -- have remained defiant and attendance as -- -- of the concept until the end.

Venezuela mourns Hugo Chavez - Rough Cuts

Wednesday, Mar 06, 2013 - 02:14

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