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Techquity: Microsoft faces music, Apple's streaming talk

Wednesday, Mar 06, 2013 - 03:21

Mar 6 - EU fines Microsoft while Apple discusses streaming music service.

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Don't mess with the you are best for the rest Microsoft getting slightly 731. Million dollar fine for antitrust infringement in Europe. The unprecedented sanction comes after the commission found Microsoft failed to give users a choice of web browser for period in 2011. And in 2012. Breaking it legally binding commitment is made in 2000 not. EU competition commissioner Joaquin -- -- yet offered a warning to other companies involved in EU antitrust dispute saying quote. I hope this decision will make companies think twice before they even think about intentionally breaching their obligations and quote. Those comments are clear warning shot to another tech titan Google which is involved in dispute with the EU over how it -- search engine results. Microsoft happens to be complaining and that investigation. Shares are down 1% today. Microsoft is facing the music but apple is considering getting more involved in it. Reuters exclusively reporting held talks would be electronics about a potential partnership involving that company's plans streaming music service. Sources say Tim Cook that would -- CEO music mogul Jimmy I don't mean. Your during a visit to Los Angeles last month to find out a little bit more about what these calls project daisy. Warner Music owner level that it is also providing sixty million dollars in financing for that service. The focus on software services something Barkley thinks apple needs to do more to stay ahead of the pack and keep up with FaceBook. Amazon and Google our other members of four horsemen on the Internet. In note out today Barclays makes that point while also trimming its forecast for apple based on lower demand for the iPhone and increase competition from -- Citigroup also concerned about the iPhone and demand for the full sized iPad thing just falling mature markets and not just from iPad mini cannibalization. While Germany's -- Burbank is concerned about profit margins overall. Barclays cut its price target from 575 to -- there. City went from 500 to 480 and Berry -- slashed its price target. From 802360. And those on the stock shares are down 1% today your 426. Books yet. If apple were to get into the streaming music business is going to join a crowded field. One that fortune reports Google is also planning on getting into this year by using YouTube to create each streaming product of its own. This is not good for and or the Internet radio company which will report quarterly results Thursday. Watchers have written fact outpaced the bull market in 2013. And or stock prices still under water compared to 2011. IPO price of sixteen bucks a share. Next streaming music company we'll have to maintain -- And island new users or -- becoming the next group on another sad -- from the IPO class of 2011. It's time for our look at the movers and shakers story is -- coast software. Business software company upgraded. From neutral to buy it would be giving merrily and shares are up 9%. Sputtering is key -- 360 technology to China based antivirus software maker posted a lower than expected quarterly profit shares are up 8%. That's protect would be this Wednesday remember you can follow us on Twitter at RT RS equity. I'm John -- this workers.

Techquity: Microsoft faces music, Apple's streaming talk

Wednesday, Mar 06, 2013 - 03:21

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