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Upcoming election to define Chavez’s legacy

Wednesday, Mar 06, 2013 - 01:56

Hugo Chavez’s death throws the legacy of his 12-year rule in jeopardy, as a critical election to determine his successor looms.

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So great and didn't. Just it really was one of most divisive. Leaders. And Latin American. Predicament if supporters who helped him he clearly had quite extraordinary connection with that half of the population. The other truly despise the old deeply worried about what happened to -- over the last do you have difficulty violent crime. But inflation and food shortages and the problem. The vice president -- little. It's taking over interpret -- -- the Catholic president for them and we expect elections. Within a month Michael -- can't biffle whichever is already he will almost certainly they Connecticut capriles. From the position a preview -- what the candidate who blocked the chances. In the last election left the -- -- but he scored pretty respectful 44% of the vote so maybe who presented a challenge to let a little bit. If the opposition wins elections if you look at -- revolutions they would result. Too quickly impressed on the level of his policies because there'd be a real risk of political volatility and stability but they will -- It's going to be an end to -- and acquisitions and other radical policies that. The terms it's pushed through it could be -- that becoming a quick look at this -- some of those policies and different and wants. -- you yeah. There weren't that many job. There is -- what whichever is charisma. February network. Failed if cyclical may be tried to fill that gap in the in the left wing bloc and let America but the heavyweight has got. The book the event that you speak Fidel Castro's. But -- complicated thing. But the objective of -- dominant personality will ultimately remembered.

Upcoming election to define Chavez’s legacy

Wednesday, Mar 06, 2013 - 01:56

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