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Techquity: Facebook going mobile, Apple gains in U.S.

Thursday, Mar 07, 2013 - 03:29

Mar 8 - Facebook focuses on mobile in its updated newsfeed while Apple gains market share in the U.S.

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-- global mindset from FaceBook. The social networking unveiling an updated version of its news -- Thursday based on how the feature appears on a Smartphone. These -- ever changing stream of photos videos and comments from users' friends. California headquarters executives explain how they modified the desktop display based on the changes to the mobile version. Not the other way around. New news feed introduces a visually richer presentation of photos and videos and includes a revamped music feet. No mention of advertising though which may not real investors limited rollout of the new news feed begins today. Shares rose as much as 3% ahead of the announcement but it pared gains slightly. A break in the -- the bad news hitting apple. Both its iPhone and it's IOS operating system. Gained more market share in the US -- its rivals in the Smartphone market apple gained three and a half percentage point at 37 point 8% in the three months ended January. Runnerup Samsung rose nearly two points to 21 point 4% followed by -- DC with nine point 7%. And Apple's Iowa was not only mobile platform to gain share some three and a half percentage points. Google's Android lost more than point and share but remain number one with 52 point 3%. Apple placed second with 37 point 8% in the market. The company now known as Blackberry lost nearly two points and now commands less than 6% of the market. Apple's platform also -- well in a report about security. Specials at secures -- Iowa was among at least compromise with less than 1%. Of all malware threats and violence last year. Android on the other hand account for 79%. Of all malware. That's -- -- android's dominance in the mobile market makes it a magnet for malware. Apple also got a break in court it won a patent infringement lawsuit brought by Samsung in the UK. The -- on all three claims processing and transmitting data on mobile networks in ballot. Apple Stock which is down three and a half percent so far this month is up fractionally today. In our best of the rest dal. Look out here comes Carl Icahn the activist investor buying up shares and coming up against Michael -- deal to take the computer maker prime. Icon who CNBC reports of nearly 6% of -- stop once the company to pay at a special dividend of nine dollars a share or nearly sixteen billion dollars. He says that would the company -- it's higher than the current deal with the deprived for thirteen 65 a share. I kind -- large shareholder southeastern asset management and T. Rowe Price in opposing Michael Dell's plan. Shares down fractionally today but still above that thirteen 65 price. -- sputtering time our look at movers story is sienna. The network equipment maker said it expected a strong 2013. I'll play a major customer wins after reporting a surprise adjusted profit on increased margins and higher revenue. Shares up more than 15%. And sputtering e-commerce China Baghdad which trades on the NYSE. The -- cellar phones clothes and other items posted a narrower loss and predicted. But forecast revenue in the current quarter below estimates. Those shares down 5%. And that's kept putting this Thursday remember you can follow us on Twitter RT artists equity I'm Fred Katayama and this.

Techquity: Facebook going mobile, Apple gains in U.S.

Thursday, Mar 07, 2013 - 03:29

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