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Europe Week Ahead: Italian gridlock, France’s debt dodge

Friday, Mar 08, 2013 - 02:48

Mar. 8 - Next week sees Italian politicians reconvene for another attempt at finding a way out of political gridlock, while France hopes Brussels will go easy on deficit targets.

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Has all the -- to next week's key political and financial events. A big week and it's elite. And for markets in general last parliament that reconvenes Friday. -- which efforts will be made to former new government despite Mario Draghi soothing words Thursday. Investors will be watching events in Europe's biggest economy for any signs celebrating in the political impasse. What -- happens in Rome Italy's next bond sales will offer going to sentiment short term bills themselves -- state. And longer term bonds that they relate to -- hoping that yields will continue to eased back from behind is about 5% -- off to the election. Italy will that was occupied the minds of EU leaders meeting for summit Thursday and Friday. Unemployment in particular sky high youth unemployment in the periphery will likely be a focus as electrodes to satisfaction with austerity grows. Ahead of that the EU Cyprus negotiating team returns and could see our own shoes today. With the plan still to finalize a bailout by the end of march the key question whether to make bank deposits has shed some of the burden. Something the Cypriot government vehemently opposes. France's new fiscal stability program because before parliament at the end of the week Paris hoping to Brussels will give it permission to miss the target for reducing the budget deficit. To 3% of G. Recent days -- from suggests the government will be lucky to get anywhere close about mall. On the data front next week industrial output numbers from the UK -- Lehrer on the month on Tuesday -- may do a little bats that without put at least expected to avoid contraction. Value and an annual inflation rates from around the EU expected to be bored beyond change from month. Meanwhile investors want to see whether the equity rally can roll on the -- Europe fest in next. Today don't cost for fourth week of gains and find out more than 2% for Monday's open -- mayor of Charlemagne capital says continued monetary easing by central banks. Means equities shouldn't suffer and I think more than a temporary correction. In the show. Time name they may have run hasn't had themselves a bit but certainly they've the longer term would meet and policy of sort of monetary easing -- pretty module costs. Seems to be tried in the markets in -- and in equity prices are are a function of among other things amount of money in the system. Final -- and folk song expected to confirm another year freckle profits for the general -- despite all the troubles in the European market. Look stanza and that's -- look ahead to next week's market moving events. -- problems.

Europe Week Ahead: Italian gridlock, France’s debt dodge

Friday, Mar 08, 2013 - 02:48

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