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Breakingviews: Sexism’s subtle variety

Friday, Mar 08, 2013 - 04:04

Discrimination against women is more subtle, and more complicated, than just overt sexism, says Reuters Breakingviews on International Women’s Day.

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It's international women's day AM last prompting breaking news who lost what is discrimination and joining me now is breaking news assistant editor -- Hamas. Good to have you -- you -- you have before cost you anything witness it was gonna rerun of staying that we just -- just so slowly we're gonna count the number women on the -- say we got. K there's one that. Nothing that. And -- so. One woman nineteen. Columnists -- I guess there isn't a quota system breaking news -- Obviously we -- entirely on -- and where there is that there are another couple of women in the organization act reasonably senior levels so I don't -- but. I have to say we I had. Analysts are mentally today right I have to say we are very time sensitive to this and it's a tricky problem because you obviously don't want to discriminate in favor of women. We don't wanna discriminate against women. And soon we are we face is the interesting issue. I'm trying to be fair and yet feeling that this something obviously wrong and our culture or something. That we have so few moments of immortality what is the point the you're making hair in your piece. I'm making is slightly different point -- that it may be in somewhere related it's that. There's one kind of discrimination it's very very obvious and very unjust. It's when women are deprived. Equal opportunities just because they're women. So if here in Afghanistan you can go to school. If you're get fed laughs at because your of one man if you're discriminated forced to leave work. When you. Are of a certain age as a woman. -- There's no question. Then but in western countries it's a little bit more subtle now -- you have losses. I'm prohibit discrimination against women are indeed in favor where -- to sing about hiring for breaking views. And sometimes you even have social expectations and quotas that trying to push traditionally male professions to get. More women on board. So why does the pay gap persists. And argument is that at least part of this has to do we is. Longstanding. Social. Customs and possibly even genuine differences between men and women in their -- values and priorities in life. The longstanding custom includes the way that -- typically women's professions they care is nursing homes and hospitals and so forth. I don't have much lower pay and jobs are required equal amounts to scale. That are typically aren't trying to -- drummers and part time work. And white women she is part time work well they say often because. They often do it out of choice and often say because I wish to have more time to spend with my family. Or. With my elderly parents -- other kinds of Stanley other parts of life. They say I have other things to do that aren't paid that I think of as more important. Now one can say that's wrong they should. Field work is most important. But as long as women do you feel this way -- down on average they're going to be ending up with lower. Take on packages. Because some of them choose to. -- the one woman on the ninth on the nineteen strong team is Agnes crane of course you know -- understood. She's not she's in new York and is also a unit Gilani which human community Gilani of course sorry yes in in the Middle East and but I talked a bit to do with Agnes and you know about this I don't think they would actually disagree. We've -- at least some of this so I hope I'm not a horrible anti feminist monster. But that we will find out. Thanks climate -- had a -- breaking news -- a little bit different this morning. After more agenda setting inside watch our US breaking news show every -- 12:30 -- seventy -- GMC. I'm acts of trouble resources.

Breakingviews: Sexism’s subtle variety

Friday, Mar 08, 2013 - 04:04

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