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Why Bin Laden son-in-law’s capture matters

Thursday, Mar 07, 2013 - 01:45

Terrorist experts say the capture of Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law is a big blow to the Al Qaeda terrorist network. Suleiman Abu Ghaith, a one- time spokesman for Al Qaeda scheduled to be arraigned Friday morning in a Federal courtroom in New York. Reuters National Security Correspondent Mark Hosenball reports.

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The the government of Turkey. Expelled to Jordan. This individual names so -- and a book I. A son in law sounded loud and spokesman for al-Qaeda in Jordan custody of him has taken. By the Jordanian authorities and the FBI in the last few days mr. having -- has been. And transported. To the city of New York where in the very near future I like it is appearing in court and face and so the federal charges. This guy is perhaps the biggest al-Qaeda figure to ever be brought in the American court systems. He was one of the first people to come out and sort of associate himself. And associate al-Qaeda. -- -- the 9/11 attacks in new York and Washington he was one of the first. Visible. Talking faces an al-Qaeda. After violent attacks and have people -- Carolina. The -- -- station policies seemed to. Succeeded in various ways of bringing. Them positive. What's left to try to. Central Command just as you mop up all of -- -- -- -- so this season you know kind and we don't really know yet how that work itself out except that. Most of the security people that I speak to. Believe that. Their capability to conduct large scale operations with spectacular operations has been greatly degraded but by the same token there. Ability and there are there resources and personnel to conduct small harassing operation. Is potentially much larger and as is the base of people who might engage in such activity without being to these securities.

Why Bin Laden son-in-law’s capture matters

Thursday, Mar 07, 2013 - 01:45

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