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Techquity: Google's potential speed bumps, Norway on Apple

Friday, Mar 08, 2013 - 02:45

Mar 8 - How a Google acquisition and decision could hurt the soaring stock. Plus, Norway's sovereign wealth fund cuts its stake in Apple and why it's significant.

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Not everything's turned to gold for Google. It's twelve point five billion dollar acquisition of Motorola is looking more and more like a dog. Latest evidence filling up another 10% of its workforce. And fortunately needs him. Its plan to copy apple and reap big profits from hardware sales simply isn't working. Companies share the US Smartphone market -- from 13% to 9% over the past years this comScore. -- in big losses almost 900 million over the past two quarters. Of course Google's ad business is great article we'd just take look at the stock -- see how much the market loves the results. But investors better hope the company's executives don't spend too much trying trying to sort out Motorola. Seeing distractions that -- take a quick look at Microsoft in the EU regulators in Brussels find Microsoft more than 700 million dollars. My result -- an abiding by an agreement to offer customers the choice which presently uses default settings. Google noticed and -- that's according to report by the Financial Times. And that may have heard its rival but he is more now -- and be more vigilant tech anti trust issues. With Google under investigation in Europe. That's the case of the company cutting off its nose to spite its face. Europeans are also scrutinizing apple specifically and regions the country's sovereign wealth fund is not so pleased. Because its holdings by 20% last year more than 900 million dollars. The -- was the twelfth largest shareholder of apple -- in Thomson Reuters data. So wasn't just hedge fund titans are reduced their stakes to buy and hold crowd did you. Shares of apple roughly flat of a 403 dollars today after dropping a 419 earlier this month. -- and sputtering time soaring today's pandora Internet radio company shares spiked 18% after reporters smaller loss than expected in the fourth quarter. Sure the company reported 54% increase in sales that's sort of growth is nothing new for pandora. What's gotten investors excited is mobile labs used to be that advertisers will pay to reach people on cell -- they were comfortable with new technology. They -- systems -- to -- and track ads and mobile devices pandora's results show this is changing quickly. Mobile revenue more than doubled and now makes up close two thirds of all sales even the unexpected departure CEO Joseph Kennedy couldn't knock the stock today. And sputtering stock today's comptek Telecom. The designer producer equipment for satellite based communications. Issued a 2013 forecast that was below expectations. Shares down nearly 5%. That's tech it is Friday -- can -- -- Twitter arts heroes tech. I'm rob Syria and -- a right.

Techquity: Google's potential speed bumps, Norway on Apple

Friday, Mar 08, 2013 - 02:45

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