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Techquity: More concerns about Apple, more praise for Google

Monday, Mar 11, 2013 - 02:45

Mar 11 - Analysts cut their price targets on Apple while raising them on Google.

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It's it bearish report from an apple bull. To Peking capital says sales that apple suppliers tracked it apple monitor fell 31%. In February from January that makes it the worst February performance and seven year history. The firm is sticking -- -- -- 888 price target for the stock down from 1111. Dollars the same cannot be said for Credit Agricole. It is lowering its target from 5752505. On what it sees as iPhone weaknesses -- intensifying competition and the lack of a lower cost model. Brokerages also concerned about demand for the iPad and the greater -- themselves to be less profitable me. -- that -- highlights and notes is well apple shares are off about 1% on the flip side is Google more prays rolling in from the analyst community. RBC raising its price target. From 840 dollars to 950. And Pacific crest is taking its target from 82980. Both are highlighting gains in mobile RBC's is Google remains one of its top three longs for 2013. Pacific crest recently mood from the tech -- laggard category tech leader category. Shares are fractionally near its all time high which is now 844 dollars reached last week. Moving on our our best of the rest data which is now -- -- Carl Icahn take -- -- its books less than a week after taking issue with Dell's plants to go private. Icon demanded that the tech company pay out at least sixteen billion dollars in special dividend he claimed that that would result in 67%. Higher valuation. In the current take private plan led by Michael -- the company's founder. So why is the computer maker of green to give the activist investor look. One analyst says the -- as just another step in Dell's commitment to examine alternative offers. An icon is probably unlikely to put forth rival bit. Shares are still up about 1% and also trading above that thirteen 65 buyout price. -- Jackson movers today soaring is Blackberry as its new phone is approaching US borders finally. Eighteen he will start selling easy and touch screen device march 22. Pre orders begin Tuesday that's tomorrow and the new phone is going to want for about 200 bucks shares of Blackberry are up 10%. Sputtering is blue -- the search technology firm is planning to offer. 150 million dollars of convertible debt. It's that we use that money for general corporate purposes shares are up 5%. That's protect -- -- this Monday remember you can follow us on Twitter at RT RS equity I'm John Marino. This is workers.

Techquity: More concerns about Apple, more praise for Google

Monday, Mar 11, 2013 - 02:45

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