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Techquity: 'A New Hope' for Samsung's Galaxy S4

Wednesday, Mar 13, 2013 - 03:26

Mar 13 - Analysts say Samsung's latest smartphone could notch big sales in its first month, but any hiccups or missed expectations could be ''disastrous'' for the mobile device maker.

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There's a galaxy not so far away. Samsung's new galaxy S four is set for launch here in New York tomorrow and expectations are high some analysts predicting the new Smartphone could top ten million units themselves just in the first month. BofA Merrill Lynch analyst is thinking that as for sales volume will likely be higher than that in the history and this -- Samsung could sell over twenty million units per quarter. He sees minimal cannibalization of the two existing collection models the S three and the note to. And observes -- gains in market share pretty much been at the expense of Samsung's competitors. Apple has been the one bearing the brunt of these market share gains as Samsung surpassed the iPhone maker as the world's largest maker of Smartphones now controlling over 30% of the market. UBS also has high hopes and they are reiterating a buy ahead of launch. That analysts expecting the five inch display and new advanced software that could include scrolling motions that will track your high. Which the analysts and will be positive confirmed. The risks are pretty high however -- simple manufacturing snafus could be disasters. Samsung shares closed up over 2% in Korean trade. About 37%. Of America's youth aged twelve to seventeen are accessing the web via Smartphone and it's today's tech take. In 2012 pew survey out today showing more more teams mainly go online using their phones as opposed to a desktop or laptop computer. You researcher Mary Madden saying the data is significant. Since the teenagers tend to set transfer in and use. The goals in the Microsoft to the world must take note. Other studies have shown younger tech users are also less inclined to use email to Google this means the most. They Kraft marketing algorithm from Gmail users accounts now younger users are going to migrate out of their inbox and as they do marketers will have to adapt to new transit they wanna be successful in the mobile -- game. There's even more trouble for -- today eBay is questioning the value of goals paid ads in the wet. EBay which is one of the biggest Internet advertisers released a study examining whether -- was paid search -- you see the top right hand side of the page or actually worth the investment. The conclusion increment the value from -- search was far smaller than expected. Because existing consumers would have come to -- regardless with a -- other marketing channel or they just came directly. Same goes for another four horsemen member Amazon which is a big loyal Amman following. This is a major concern for Google should other advertisers decide the buying -- -- who is not has cost effective. Shares of search engine roughly flat today. So -- -- time our look at today's movers first song is Netflix service down by Goldman Sachs is Netflix subscribers are up. We younger consumers leading the pack for online video consumption. Also query research saying that subscriber growth coupled with the growth in content from partners like DreamWorks. Warner Bros. and fox prompted their analyst raised -- 2013. And fourteen estimates. Right now the stock is up over 6%. Spotter in today's mail box technologies a vice president and a director with the Israeli chip designer disclosed they had sold shares. Not a good sign the stock is down over seven and a half percent. That's if protect would be this Wednesday remember you can follow us on Twitter at RT artists equity. I'm John -- this --

Techquity: 'A New Hope' for Samsung's Galaxy S4

Wednesday, Mar 13, 2013 - 03:26

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