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America's cyber war weak spot

Thursday, Mar 14, 2013 - 02:39

U.S. defense officials believe cyber attacks pose the greatest threat to the nation's security and experts say the U.S. power grid is particularly vulnerable, and a likely target, in a cyberwar. (March 14, 2012)

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Washington is marshaling its resources to count from -- threats escalating cyber attacks. When it comes distinct threat areas or statement this year lead to a cyber. And it's hard to overemphasize it's significant. Attacks so far have targeted corporate and government secrets. But authorities -- much worse than it didn't -- cyber attacks turned into a cyber war. Target number one security experts agree that would be the US power hungry and. The idea would be to go after. Generation plants or maybe -- -- itself in such away. That physical components of the created would destroy themselves. It's quite possible to do -- make a transformer bird itself up all of a sudden. Multiple. Regions start losing power and nobody really understands how applies. It is severe attack the lights go dark for millions of people over a broad swap of the United States and the outage could prove lasting replacing them. A whole bunch like thousands. Thousands periods -- throughout the greeted would be something that would take this -- years. Initially US officials and power providers would have no idea who's behind the attack for two reasons one so -- attackers have learned to. -- tracks. And too unlike the physical wore a cyber attack can be as fast as -- about. Cyber attack in war. Would happen in split seconds. So quickly. That the fog of war issues would applied -- very difficult to tell me who exactly is attacking you and who to go after. -- problems surrounding the power grid is the fact that it's in private hands outside the reach of the government's cyber oversight. Making great especially vulnerable there is no way to secure. The newest it's just simply no way. Recently declassified report issued by the National Academy of Sciences. Estimated that an attack on the US power -- Could cost hundreds of billions of dollars and lead to thousands of deaths the grid is becoming more vulnerable. And now more secure. President Obama signed an executive order last month seeking better protection of the country's critical infrastructure. But he says congress must pass laws to build up the nation's cyber defense.

America's cyber war weak spot

Thursday, Mar 14, 2013 - 02:39

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