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Battle of the Budgets: House vs. Senate

Wednesday, Mar 13, 2013 - 02:42

House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan and Senate Budget Chairman Patty Murray roll out sharply differing blueprints to fund the federal government and slash U.S. debt.

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We believe that we owe the American people. A balanced budget and for the third straight year we've delivered in fact we balance this budget in just ten years. The highest priority of our budget is to create the conditions for job creation economic growth and prosperity built from the middle out. Not the top down -- This budget cuts spending by four point six trillion dollars over the next ten years. Historically we've paid a little less than 15 or income to the federal government. But the government has historically paid a lot more spends a lot more. We match revenues with expenditures the senate budget builds on the 2.4. Trillion dollars in deficit reduction already done. With an additional one point 85 billion trillion in new deficit reduction. It reduces the deficit to below 3% of GDP. I 2015. And keeps it well below that level for the rest of the ten year window in a responsible way. This is our first priority the federal government national defense and so we're finding it at the levels that the joint chiefs in the last secretary -- are necessary to maintain. National security for the country our budget saves 240 billion dollars -- carefully and responsibly. Reducing defense spending or giving the Pentagon enough time. To plan in -- the reductions to time with the with John. Have troops from overseas better than measure how much money are we spending in these programs. Let's think about measuring are we helping people. Are we getting people out of poverty are we getting people back on their feet again. In a -- is a self sufficient you know probability of this budget invests in a hundred billion dollar economic recovery protection plan. To put workers back on the job. Repairing our nation's highest priority deteriorating infrastructure that are we saying here's what you save and strengthen Medicare. The current and future generations but here's a better patient centered system. To replace obamacare says it perfectly consistent with everything we believe in -- getting rid of Obama -- -- we think it destroys health care system. We also think we should be building on what is working in our health care system. Not rolling back the clock. House budget that was just released would repeal the health care -- and would increase the cost of care for seniors. Or students -- their parents' plans. Cost tens of millions more Americans to be uninsured and for the insurance companies back in charge at patient's care. This budget rejects that approach because balancing the budget -- our economy helps give us a healthy economy. In a pro growth economy it helps make sure that our kids in your debt free nation. This is a goal that all of us should have whether -- Republican again and I am hopeful. At the House of Representatives would join us at the bargaining table. And we can work together towards a responsible and bipartisan budget deal that the American people expect and deserve. --

Battle of the Budgets: House vs. Senate

Wednesday, Mar 13, 2013 - 02:42

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