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EXCLUSIVE: Inside SAP – a chat with Jim Snabe (Pt II)

Thursday, Mar 14, 2013 - 04:13

Mar. 14 - Analysts or the media – who’s a more important audience for SAP CEO Jim Snabe? And are headwinds becoming tailwinds as Europe emerges from crisis mode?

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Jim you've you've you've just been an harmlessly into the media followed -- -- Allen speaking to analysts. What's tough for me. It's tough in two different ways I think media. Is often a much broader set of questions you'll never know what might come. Depending on what's going on in the world. -- analysts -- much much deeper. I like both of them mention what what do you think ultimately is more important for the company. Is it is it the analysts to who writes for the invest or is it the the journalists who writes. So the media Aaron and and retail. Clients or investors out. Of course we need a good dialogue with the and -- is no doubt and they show friendship prize is important what I -- to -- the event. The image we have as a company. Is more important. It is about. Can we expect the right people. It is about we insisting for companies to work -- of interest people so you probably have a big impact. By a more broad conversation. How'd you feel the the press conference from the unit went. UN well that word -- surprisingly. Few questions yes I thought so it is. Maybe maturity on it. I think we have -- we -- trying very deliberated to have a very consistent strategy. Not change course all the time. And that means you don't get any big surprises and I think that's a good sign because customers -- that predictability. Well let me throw a few. In that to finish with. From the back of the conference. -- given a question by buying these analysts often. Headwinds stunning details. You'll clearly more optimistic about the context. In Europe -- my writing thing. And I would imagine we can conclude from that that. This will quickly turn into effect. But I think we could have a headwind on the currency rates and general because we -- -- girl. And strengthening of the Euro. -- and so you have the deflation for instance in Japan right now. Which makes the -- actually doing Japan less valuable -- you found. But in general I think there is a tendency to be more optimistic. You won doubles I was in doubles the tone there was more optimistic even in in that panel I had about you know challenges that was all about opportunities. And so there's -- tone and I think it's the right tone instead of having this this all into that discussion all the time we need to talk about innovation growth and young people. You know I would I was surprised that no one in Ariza pressed on -- the conference but about China specific. This is clearly a critical moment you -- what is and a a potential for one million customers in China. From. How's progress that how how how it talks with the government in opening itself. It's going very well you know we did a very bold move. In 2011. Announcing a one billion US dollar investment over the years. We've put we've almost doubled the size of our organization in China to well we even had a -- a board meeting and in fact just to show them. We do great innovations like business one on we're announcing here and was found in China. And so it's going very well both rights in China a significant mean 40% growth rates. And it's in years to come so it's not like a short term thing this is really. And no market opened the window as the listing count. We don't know whether we will we we've asked for being part of the process we still need to make that decision and of course the process. I see it and a bit like when we went through this thing in and we all the US market was critical. We would globalizing and -- that we became also an American company and I think to be successful in Chiming in me to be almost a Chinese company popped it. And they would try to build in China for time.

EXCLUSIVE: Inside SAP – a chat with Jim Snabe (Pt II)

Thursday, Mar 14, 2013 - 04:13

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