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EXCLUSIVE: Inside SAP – a chat with Jim Snabe (Pt III)

Friday, Mar 15, 2013 - 04:32

Mar. 15 - As the CeBit IT fair winds down, SAP CEO Jim Snabe grabs a glass of wine and shares his thoughts on running, sailing and successful leadership.

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-- Christmas to you select your head down -- just it's becoming homeless just stone. What does the crowd but that opportunity analysts. And today they say it's a staple that juicy stuff. So. This is you know it's. Clearly there's some special questions that they don't want to ask him feel they've come as well lately so you let your guard down the man -- Maybe they just lost that did you answer -- for them as we need to be launching -- movement. It already some of the things the analysts. -- I think they have very much understood what we're doing. And that's the good that's always a challenge can you explain this event. They see Olivia and we want to be Americans and as well and because we don't wanna set expectations at all. So if you live technique. The expectations smashing. Do they understand the benefits and the progress and challenges yet so it's not as anybody walk in the car. We UPC -- quit. But more business I also got this morning is that yes. I imagined you ask you just interactions that I wasn't. And in -- may have 2000. Yeah I own it and you find sold the business mixes both. This so I saw half of my custom of these today were existing lines going beyond. And half of them. -- line from New York. Your loss -- -- all right a bit let's listen relax a little element of his last few minutes to talk about a little bit about more relaxing having you do get time to relax and you. And so on today. How do you relax. Look I have actually believe that it's important that you find -- and so while you because. Always on in this day like this. I still believe it -- -- -- more energy and then when I can't do it yes I also. Collect images -- interactions and I'm pretty good and trying to. Stage it's kind of made it feeds test involvement -- you very involved. And he. Fitness as they now have the multitude and as you like to run as much sale. Yes -- I think that's very much about it equation and it was like yeah they're running between meetings. When I wanna get my big ideas and when -- sale. I can see. Does that by the ideas come when Iraq. There's like three days it seems to me you know like yourself I'm not an analyst -- it you you're you're a good place now you see wells that. You -- the pipelines good. Double digit revenues over twenty billion -- 250. The company still need to see us. The question. Then indispensable way nation that we content. -- the key challenge is not to transform a company that's been -- That I wouldn't say it's easy but it is -- easy offensive. We tried to implement something that was a good thing. That's right an opportunity. And twelve consecutive quarters of -- that it ultimately. On. We're not done yet to -- and it never does it stay at company with TC US. We've had that model for many many years anything if you stay at least I think it's has been very successful for us and it shows a little bit of a -- You know we team up. We have various competencies in the room and is not about one individualism. Successfully. You -- works for us that pretty much right. The -- for different companies. In my mind I was that I didn't get abuse and and for me -- -- right back to us that's gravity was -- royalty. I've always said that. I need to be. Clearly adding that -- his that you. I needed to make a difference. You mentioned successes in the and it's not. On your title and it's it's I never you know Heidi land that I need to be seen you know it's about that. Win win win -- you know that you assume you have stop chatting about it. How do you measure that itself. In many ways I think an obligation for a game neither is about creating the next. Group of people who can take over and I think you'll know when they have better than you and you can let go and of them do.

EXCLUSIVE: Inside SAP – a chat with Jim Snabe (Pt III)

Friday, Mar 15, 2013 - 04:32

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