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Krawcheck vs. Reggie Love - top UNC & Duke players ever

Friday, Mar 15, 2013 - 02:05

Sallie Krawcheck, an admitted crazed UNC basketball fan, goes head-to-head with former Obama body man Reggie Love, a former Duke hoops player. Ahead of March Madness, Krawcheck tells Impact Players host Robert Wolf that Duke's best players don't come close to UNC's finest. Wolf is an outside advisor to President Obama.

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You are self described. Craze. UNC. So I'm gonna ask you to list if I favorite players we've got. Let's start as part of the UNC team yet that it -- it really hard question. It it would not be hard I'm going to do it because then. Mean I think -- -- and -- on. You know the problem with this question we have so many great players and and I start to debate -- it went UNC -- agree. UNC or over the course of that. Letting that thigh I think number five. -- -- Number four. For a number factory dead great great great -- ward. Number Q James -- And number one of the greatest player in the history of basketball. That is equate fun. So I knew that you were gonna be upset with me because I called my good friend and Obama advisor Reggie Love. Who played it duke. Face his five favorite duke play. So here's -- top five. How thoughts life. Honest. Life. Store out of this -- out of my son goes to duke -- -- well. And -- top five is red -- First lately there. Jason Williams. -- on Battier. And Johnny Dawkins and it was a year. He would say that Jordan would miss the shot at but -- -- oh now he's in the water is a classic weather at the UNC basketball museum. From coach K Michael Jordan in which he says that story no longer have an interest in -- I wish you the best in your careers class ethic that this has been great to have you won in our view is again just love hearing and obviously. We we really appreciate you impact player's speculative play.

Krawcheck vs. Reggie Love - top UNC & Duke players ever

Friday, Mar 15, 2013 - 02:05

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