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Sandberg: Work/life balance better with female managers

Monday, Mar 18, 2013 - 03:52

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's COO, says women in positions of authority set a better example for how to walk the work/home tightrope. Sandberg also says just as women are encouraged to lead, men should be pushed to be more nurturing.

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Leaning and does not work at the boardroom table. Until more -- leaning into the kitchen table. We'll also talk about how you know we have personal responsibility for who is with us at the kitchen table and how much should young women making choices. The conscious of impacts. Those personal choices on their I'll analyze it some of the most important career decision -- what happens if you have a life partner and that partner as. Out to be clear if optimist in part personal decision it's that's to opt out. Is the most important career decision you're gonna have. You know any woman I know barn nine. If you have a partner not advertiser a lot of working moms out there that anyone has a partner. Has won his fully supported and it's not easy to be fully supported. Because just as the world doesn't encourage women to lead. The world doesn't encouragement and care. Meet Cheryl which actually goes against conventional wisdom is this notion that being really successful. Actually makes it easier to have a when that's off the set the sort of traditional mommy track approach. -- -- No I was I was joking I was talking about with a group of women who -- at a company allowed down and it's time that Abbas and I said so. When you have a meeting who's scheduled -- on your bosses are yours. Whenever -- laughter and have my bosses and said. So that means is you get to meet Abbas you get to set Iraq on schedule now. I believe this is why having more women in positions of power would be a good thing you know I have said publicly I'd have internally to case but I got home at 530. That means that now when it case that has meetings with me after I think. -- -- -- need to get emails from -- you know and I'm very clear that they should answer them when they want to but did they get to home go home and -- And because I'm doing this I actually worked with a lot of the people that were me I would say I don't even want to just -- my schedule that may not be -- that works for you what works for you. It data says that. Companies to have more women in senior management roles have better work life policies for different sentencing taking feel there was anything on that somehow. Being professionally successful disqualifying me to comment on what it takes to keep professional success I mean yeah there's so much right is so much that can be said I would -- this is that. I do understand that I have circumstances and resources that other people that. I really understand I'm very clear about it I don't believe every woman can do everything I can do and -- -- day. How else to believe that I have to success. You know formula for anyone ever -- the same goals -- -- we all should have our -- and create what we want to allies. But here's what I do believe I believe it's important from the boardroom to the PTA -- to the town hall. I believe that relatives and our voices are not equally her. We are not the tables where decisions are being me. Even women who volunteer for organizations manhunt as much on Huard they're the ones speaking of the meetings. Women are getting interrupted more women are getting paid 77 cents the dollar. And none of that -- none of it. And today's messages about believing in ourselves have confidence cleaning and bleeding we can sit at a table and speak her mind and get what we need are for everyone. One of the women who wrote in to -- dot org I got to know and she's had. Silently sat. I'm GT my tech top before and she said she's working Hamas and she said I really wanted to different teacher for my child I don't think he was doing a pain I can think this was a good fat. But you know the -- told me like we can't change it. And I -- tech talk and I went into the principal's office I demanded a better teacher and my public school for my child's. -- This is from -- this is about leaning into anything do you believe he wants anything you want to you. Anything you deserve -- probably deserve it.

Sandberg: Work/life balance better with female managers

Monday, Mar 18, 2013 - 03:52

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