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Danny Boyle talks Olympics, knighthoods, and "Trainspotting" sequel

Wednesday, Mar 20, 2013 - 01:48

The world premiere of ''Trance'' gave Boyle the opportunity to clarify recent media speculation. Rollo Ross reports.

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Danny Boyle was joined by his co-stars James McAvoy and Vincent Cassell for the world premiere of his new movie "Trance" which also stars Rosario Dawson, who Boyle is reported to have split from in recent weeks. "Trance" tells the story of an art dealer who gets involved in stealing a priceless piece of work. But after suffering a blow to the head, he can't remember what happened to the painting and is forced by the gang to visit a hypnotherapist to try and re-establish his memories. It's Boyle's first movie since finishing his job as Artistic Director of the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. SOUNDBITE (English) Danny Boyle: "Doing the Olympics will drive you mad after a while so we shot this, and it is the dark side so it's wonderful to do another story. Because that (the Olympics) is the light, you have got to look after the shade as well so it was lovely to get back to it yes." Boyle recently announced he turned down a knighthood for his work on the Olympics, and this is why. SOUNDBITE (English) Danny Boyle: "We made the thing very much as a communal act. I mean, you have to be the leader at times but I thought anything that picked me out like that wouldn't be appropriate to the spirit in which we'd gone into it." While promoting "Trance" Boyle has made a few fan boy dreams come true - he may be making a sequel to "Trainspotting." SOUNDBITE (English) Danny Boyle: "We'd love to be able to produce something that used the idea of it, not just as a sequel but something that spoke to people about time passing and if we could get those same actors in the same parts and you know 20 years has passed. If we're all still at it by then, that would be an incredible opportunity yes." "Trance" hits cinemas around the world from the end of March.

Danny Boyle talks Olympics, knighthoods, and "Trainspotting" sequel

Wednesday, Mar 20, 2013 - 01:48

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