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Rough Cuts

Welcome to the “man camp”

Wednesday, Mar 20, 2013 - 02:44

Rules at a North Dakota “man camp.” No alcohol. Leave your muddy boots at the door. Cost: $120 a night. Food served 24 hours a day. “Man camps” are the temporary housing solution for the energy boom’s workers. For his video diary, Reuters correspondent Ernest Scheyder takes a tour.

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He came to -- in which is the -- facto capital of the -- -- -- -- Crew -- serve man cancel one way war. The community and the companies that were here basically. Solve that problem is about 500 people what -- former night that there are people at their lives. It is not what you would think if it's sort of the rough and tumble while while wet -- -- -- -- or other. They're being here or -- I'm very structured at the mean can't she can't alcohol can have illegal drugs he can have fire arms she got it checked into security checkpoint every game he -- It's not totally like you know acute state security at the airport they don't search you had a pretty friendly but. They also are very strict about who will they catch you -- -- -- -- but like. You're out of there some companies actually include housing act for me and him as part of a package. -- and so you work it's you know expect the company that there that you come up to North Dakota are -- this that -- I'm all or parts of I'm other places they don't either. So people on our own. After that apparently there L I mean you know you know I like the factory included -- -- campaign -- for a 10100. Hours a night and the other guys going. -- some people you know people like that you know they also include access to jam particular. But the big -- Actually like -- -- And recreational space. In your game or -- -- that. -- the price if you are a lot as a beginner. Under facility all include. A lot of the guys you know make a lot of money you know north of 100000 dollars a year but they also worked really hard for more AD what I was so we. Every Saturday night that there have been Barbeque. In the cafeteria had about a 145000. Dollars a month just balances and that's a staggering number. You think about it. -- who deliveries twice a week. From different vendors across this state that she doesn't ten census Lewiston at 141000 people that it. Now they've got 33000. People said the community -- securities whose plan -- you water network. The new airport. Other things that are coming and and that's possible it's straining -- this your resources and in terms. A lot of people would have been worth it all their lives either -- but with the way for them they see people from all fifty states and around the world coming here to -- small. And changing it.

Welcome to the “man camp”

Wednesday, Mar 20, 2013 - 02:44

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