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Techquity: Facebook advertising concerns, Schmidt vs. Apple

Wednesday, Mar 20, 2013 - 02:34

Mar 20 - Facebook's latest advertising initiative criticized by an analyst while Google's Eric Schmidt goes after Apple's legal tactics.

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More advertising concerns about FaceBook today. BT IG analyst Richard Greenfield is not a fan of the social networks global rollout this week of what he calls dark posts. These are ads in the news feed that do not have a tied back to the advertisers FaceBook page as Greenfield puts it. Quote Wal-Mart and many other brands like to use dogs cats and babies to draw attention their FaceBook -- they can only use them so often. As that would look out of place on the brand's FaceBook page. Now brands can dream up what ever creative ideas they can think up to drive you to click like and their brand and quote. He sees this as creating too much clutter however for users which will hurt their experience on site. Greenfield is sticking to a -- rating and a 22 dollar price target but Facebook's stock is off about 2% near 26 bucks today. More analysts are expressing concern about apple for the near term but remaining positive about apple belong -- -- Canaccord -- -- Credit Suisse think estimates for June need to come down. Canaccord attributed the weakness to a loss of market share for the iPhone in part due to increased competition from Samsung's galaxy S four. It's trimming its price target from 65600. Bucks and Credit Suisse is sticking to its 600 dollar target still both have virus. The Samsung competition is a topic of conversation for Google chairman Eric Schmidt was on a trip in India. He took issue with the tactics employed by apple to defend -- start. The number of companies. Led by the telecommunications industry decided to use patents to stop -- patient. A notable examples of apple. 28 Samsung reports. I'll try to essentially not allowed Samsung's products to market. Now I understand that there's a dispute over -- but to deny people the apple towards. -- literally not you can't even if you lose our product -- another. Strikes me is completely unfair and very much not what the patent system is really about. Shares of Apple Stock down fractionally today. It's time for soaring sputtering our look at the movers soaring as Blackberry Morgan Stanley raised the Smartphone maker from underweight to overweight in the stock is up 7%. Sputtering is Zynga. BofA Merrill cut the online game company from buy to neutral the stock is off 3% and that's it protect would be this Wednesday remember. You can follow us on Twitter at RT RS equity on John marina. That's what --

Techquity: Facebook advertising concerns, Schmidt vs. Apple

Wednesday, Mar 20, 2013 - 02:34

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