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Europe day ahead: Plan B for bailout

Thursday, Mar 21, 2013 - 02:04

Mar. 21 - Cypriot leaders continue a frantic search for a new bailout plan after the ECB sets a Monday deadline; Italian coalition talks go nowhere; and German data threatens another downside surprise.

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This is a look ahead to Friday's key political and financial events plan B -- bailout Cyprus is still looking for one often as lawmakers rejected by Atlantic. The ECB not seeing Nicosia has until Monday to come up with a new plan. Bonds but by future natural gas revenues is one idea. But no one's quite sure how much I could raise many analysts most vexing -- the -- -- -- tough to come back in one shape or form. For all the sense of crisis though sort of global head of equities visiting -- -- of says markets continued to bet on a happy ending at least and I've. We have to remain very vigilant. And I think did the Cyprus test is one that. You know we must go through and that will create sub pensions but I think you rep is very much. Dedicated. To provide the support it needs but not pan out Russian depositors. As a cyclist wasn't enough. Italy's politicians also show no signs of making progress Centre left leader -- we keep a sunny due to meet president Giorgio Napolitano on Thursday night. What is not clear about that got much to discuss. But sunny today again rejected calls from former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi to form a coalition with the center right. Germany's. But after today she'll drop in the PMI numbers the -- to be some danger of a -- -- surprise. Not that data compiled a market says most of the PMI numbers were gathered before the crisis in Cyprus meaning next month's figures could be even boss. And it could be an equally grim picture for -- business -- a rise to 91 is the forecast but that could be in doubt after. Today's -- in my eyes felt the lowest in four years and only barely above those of Greece. Not some look ahead of Friday's market moving events I'm Jamie -- gave up the several times.

Europe day ahead: Plan B for bailout

Thursday, Mar 21, 2013 - 02:04

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