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Musicians turn trash into treasure

Thursday, Mar 21, 2013 - 01:48

March 21 - Put your hands together for the Orchestra Rubbish. Their instruments are as interesting as their music. Sharon Reich reports.

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It's not a Fender, but it sounds pretty darn good … And that's the only thing that matters to musicians in the "Orchestra Rubbish". When the students formed their band, they couldn't afford to buy expensive instruments so…they decided to make them instead. They dug through landfills and salvaged items that with a little creativity would create the right sounds. And now, they are turning heads at venues in Mexico City. Guitarist Fernando Lopez. (SOUNDBITE) Fernando Lopez saying (Spanish): "They (people) are surprised it (rubbish) can become an instrument and you can make music from it. After the concert, people leave thinking they can do it too. That's something great about this project and anyone can really do it. It's not easy but the rubbish is there and it can be recycled." And there is plenty of raw material to work with. On average Mexico City generates 13,000 tons of garbage a day. After five years together, band member Oscar Jesus Ramirez says that what started out of necessity has now become the musicians' preference. (SOUNDBITE) (English) Band member Oscar Jesus Ramirez saying: "We've even tried playing our music with real instruments and it doesn't sound like the "Orchestra Rubbish" sound. Starting with these instruments, new categories of instruments have been created such as percussion and metals. We have our own PVC's (PVC Pipe Instrument) and it sounds different, it doesn't sound like metal, it doesn't sound like wood but rather like plastic." "Orchestra Rubbish" have produced 30 instruments and recorded two albums. While their sound may be a little trashy, these musicians are inspiring.

Musicians turn trash into treasure

Thursday, Mar 21, 2013 - 01:48

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