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Carlyle CEO to Comcast CEO: Why aren't you richer?

Thursday, Mar 21, 2013 - 02:04

Carlyle Group CEO David Rubenstein asks Comcast CEO Brian Roberts if it bothers him that he's not as wealthy as some might expect. The question came during an event at the Economic Club of Washington.

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How many people who build great companies in the United States. Become fabulously wealthy and they are the top of the Forbes 400 list and so forth. Your family I'm. So this company but you have -- limit yourself to build so that you're not as wealthy as many people would have thought we wouldn't be having built this gigantic company does that ever. Make you think twice about the way you built it or you're happy where you are. It's never you know you can. What we're not as Smart as you David. Quite you know I've been you know the short answer is I don't think it bothered my father for a second doesn't bother me were very very fortunate. That no one's gonna cry for us and the focus has been building a company. The goal has I felt for a long time. And this business. Scale mattered and in order to be successful. Goes back to when I solved. A rising gas created when bell Atlantic and NYNEX -- -- -- -- if you live in Philadelphia all and it was company. And then emerged and before we did catch our breath they merge with GT eight. Until my gosh here's Phil and NYNEX and GT all thinking they're not capable without -- And so for whatever reason it doesn't mean -- -- -- businesses that can remain where they are. It put meat on a path. What I thought we needed to do which is to get to a certain scale and have. You know the benefit of scale and not the burdens meaning staying -- family business where you can make quick decisions you certain integrity and ethics. And culture. And could we build a different kind of company somewhere. Unique in the media technologies face and that's what we learned process.

Carlyle CEO to Comcast CEO: Why aren't you richer?

Thursday, Mar 21, 2013 - 02:04

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