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ROTH 2013: The Cloud and Big Data drive small-cap tech growth

Thursday, Mar 21, 2013 - 02:39

CEOs of small tech companies discuss the technology trends that will help them grow and the challenges faced as they try to grow their business and compete with the big names in the industry.

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Here in Southern California hundreds of small company executives are here they're meeting with analysts and investors. At the annual -- conference. A few CEOs of small technology companies and I asked them about both their opportunities. And challenges in the year ahead. What's happening and. In wireless you've seen this this convergence. Of the Internet and wireless. And just think of the ways that that we're change in the way we live we play we work. And so it's creating all these new systems and all these new opportunities and and that's what's driving the growth of business and it. Number one driver of growth is the fact that as consumers are going multi channel. Businesses are investing heavily to figure out how to stay in touch -- those consumers will be the associated shopping buying and using the products. The biggest opportunity last year this year and -- -- the falling here all the years to come. He's going to rely on this fact that these have never ending demand for broadband data for people. Everything is going to solve everything is on the Internet people -- their own content they want to saving the follow you want access to. The molecules is exploding night not with the -- was news continues stuff closest thing. That collecting captioning. And still waiting on them and analyzing data -- I was doing doing the job and it's been democracies that's -- the same game that's with a well at least for the. Personal content become a huge demands you know in the for the kids for that teenagers we see that in a huge growth area was content with Sony. How high definition needed personal content creation device. The challenges picking the right technology to do the right -- it is if you look at the various system. Is who were the manufactures that she used what are the technologies that you deploy and making sure that you're making the right -- on the right technology they tell. For us like every large sort. Companies facing a lot of opportunity in front of them this market leaders. Is one of attracting talent and a -- -- with the right costs so high quality engineers and technology employees. Who are specialize in these -- special part of broadband signal reception. And design of chips that you ought to combine. Am totally compete in the larger world of the good companies. This is -- old -- markets were talking about the three years ago there's no there was no sports camera. You know you've had this year the Pope was becoming because you know everywhere you go to -- but this -- Silva. Box on your helmet. So I think is really that predicting how fast the growth over the country you -- Provided an innovative technology for this one market is going to be constantly challenges us.

ROTH 2013: The Cloud and Big Data drive small-cap tech growth

Thursday, Mar 21, 2013 - 02:39

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