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Europe week ahead: Bailout or bust

Friday, Mar 22, 2013 - 02:56

Mar. 22 - Optimism rises over a Cyprus bailout, but a deal must be agreed by Monday if the island is to meet an ECB deadline. Euro zone sentiment indexes may add to a sense the economic malaise is deepening.

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This is a look ahead to next week's key political and financial events all eyes on Cyprus again on Monday. That's the ECB's deadline for Nicosia to come up with a plan that will secure a bank bailout or else face possible exit from the eurozone. The EU says Cyprus has today's five point eight billion euros if it is to get a bailout worth close to doubled up some. A wave of optimism late Friday afternoon Cyprus is -- politics -- a deal was close. But if there's no deal in Cyprus is buying unlikely to face collapse. Andrea canning him of capital economics says that's unlikely to what do you -- too much he says the longer term implications are much more important. One is that depositors elsewhere in the eurozone may be less confident that they would be bailed out fully in the event of crisis we escalates thing. I'm and the other is that invest is more generally. Will be nervous the policy make is in the eurozone are either going to be very tough or -- to make policy errors which could lead to make it a negative outcome. European economic -- also under scrutiny after a slew of -- than expected numbers this week. Wednesday's business and consumer sentiment numbers the -- released to watch out for in the eurozone. And -- surprise less likely this time around but only because expectations are already set valuable. Consumer sentiment that only one seen edging higher but even not may be in doubt with -- speak German retail sales forecast its own -- we look. Unemployment numbers at a daily except also expected to -- done. -- -- -- -- on the kind of for final Q4 GDP numbers from the UK bus on Wednesday. No for the change expected from -- estimates of minus not point 3%. Italy looking like the busiest -- on and off fairly quiet week for bond auctions of boom coming to the market every day. From Monday to Wednesday with medium and long term bonds due on the block and the last of those sales. Italian yields creeping done in recent days amid tense that signs that some kind of coalition government could be cobbled together. Otherwise just the friends no option to a kind of fall on Monday European coming season largely winding down but still a few names to watch out for. Europe's biggest media found Bertelsmann report fourth quarter numbers on Tuesday. Analysts looking for an update on its plans to sell off at stake and brought custom RTL. Also keep an eye out for numbers from 'cause -- miss on the same day the London listed mine up. -- in this sharply higher labor and transport costs are starting to take at all. On one -- bank to keep in mind some -- leaders governing and Dublin South Africa for a summit. The fifth such meeting brings together leaders from the four brick nations -- course South Africa slipping and as the -- X and the dripping. The summit runs from Tuesday to Wednesday next week. Not so look ahead to next week's market moving events continue to give up this it was a yeah.

Europe week ahead: Bailout or bust

Friday, Mar 22, 2013 - 02:56

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