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How the U.S. lost the Internet access race

Friday, Mar 22, 2013 - 01:56

Internet policy expert Susan Crawford says deregulation allowed cable companies to dominate the nation’s Internet access business, slowing real progress. One shining light: Google Fiber, which will show people what’s possible.

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Okay. Okay. Ten years ago we thought that competition would protect Americans that phone lines would compete with the cable lines they battle it out. And on the basis week you lately the entire industry and it turns out that where consolidation is possible competition is impossible. For the cable guys just grew and they've also developed battered technology. Which made it cheaper for them and upgrade the airlines. And for the phone companies to dig up there copper connections and replace them with fiber. So the phone companies backed off and cable it's well we have actually the worst of both worlds we had neither oversight from the SEC's or from state regulators. Or competition we have no pac. No policy path to fiber upgrades in the United States right now. There's no real upside for a politician to take this because if they start battling with Comcast Verizon eighteenth tee they'll find their campaign contributions to think these are very well connected. Very wealthy companies making a lot of moves on Capitol Hill so you need to find another source of cash for politicians willing to take this time. The small businesses and Americans need to get together and say all right we're lobby to. I think that the Google networking Kansas City is gonna show people what it's like to live in the world were collected just as soon -- just like flipping a light switch. There's no friction there's no waiting and you can do it every one -- a large files from here and there. The producer of enormously -- Ontario without. Paying enormous -- to a company who have been slowed down and your connection this is like thinking global warming. It's really important is really vital. A Republican president Eisenhower built the interstate highway system if he had believed that you know the market would take care freeways. -- terrible situation we just. We understand that better than we understand -- --

How the U.S. lost the Internet access race

Friday, Mar 22, 2013 - 01:56

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