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Techquity: Newest thorn in Apple's side, hot IPOs

Friday, Mar 22, 2013 - 02:15

Mar 22 - Details on Apple's latest issue and two hot IPOs.

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Apple and regulatory grumbling in Europe Thursday focused on Google. Now they've moved on to apple. The EU commission is reportedly investigating contracts apple sign that the European operators apple used the popularity of its I've found to extract some sweet deals from carriers. They had degrees a lot of phones pampering canceled -- Rivals claim apple force carriers into marketing -- heavily instead of other handsets. Think probably will be a big deal for apple their behavior it's pretty benign compared to the sharp -- practices that got Microsoft and -- into trouble into Europe. Legal problems can drag on for years with rivals -- to catch up this is the sort of long running distraction apple simply doesn't need. Shares of apple up about 1% today in your 460. Software hackers are back with two hot offerings this week on Wednesday model and went public stocks like 44%. If we're losing some ground -- nearly 20%. The company helps pharma tech companies manage pricing rebates in contracts. Not terribly exciting stuff but the company produces lots of cash and it's growing. Today -- offer also got an ecstatic welcome it shares shot up more than 40%. -- is cloud based software helps companies track detective is a digital ad campaigns online. It's hard to find a hotter collection of business by Edwards and that buzzwords and that. Unfortunately it's even harder for the company turn a profit. After nearly holed his failure since the FaceBook IPO is about time investors got excited about the task during your company's. But they need to avoid getting too carried away in my view it's better to stick to cash generating ones like model land and red ink spewing -- -- Time for a look at movers and shakers soaring is Micron Technology. The chipmaker posted a quarterly net loss but said the outlook for memory chip prices and improving its shares up 12%. And sputtering is detected the technology distributor said it would restate results for the last three years playing a vendor accounting practices at a subsidiary. Shares down 6%. That's taken its Friday very can also Twitter our -- technique I'm -- Syrian.

Techquity: Newest thorn in Apple's side, hot IPOs

Friday, Mar 22, 2013 - 02:15

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