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Techquity: Preferring Apple, battle for Dell

Monday, Mar 25, 2013 - 03:10

Mar 25 - UBS praises Apple while the bidding picks up for Dell.

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Referring apple. UBS becomes the second brokerage in two weeks to give the ailing tech -- boost after BT IG upgraded last week. UBS has -- apple on its most preferred list senior term catalysts including an increase in the dividend or share buybacks as well as the expected debut below and iPhone. The firm's analysts as a 560. Dollar price target on the stock vote that figure was 780. Bucks until mid December last year. -- is up fractionally so far today but trading above the fifty day moving average for Apple's stock. Apple is also making a deal buying Wi-Fi slant the Silicon Valley startup makes mapping apps for Smartphones focused on indoor tracking. These are pictures of its website we located which has since been taken down along with the videos about yes. Wall Street Journal report the plastic deals about was around twenty million dollars. Apple is not the only tech giants snapping up the start of this week. Yahoo! is acquiring mobile news aggregators subtly. The gap. Founded by seventeen year old an explosion of sorts -- news by topic using out algorithms to generate short summaries of news a kind of a Twitter application of news of speak. Tech blog all things. Tough luck though if you're looking at download the app now some -- has been removed from Apple's App Store it will be integrated into Yahoo!. Which recently lost -- home page featuring an endless news feed customizable based on your interest. Recent -- has acquired several startups and taking the reins of the tech company and Yahoo! stock has surged. 50% under her tenure hitting highs not seen since July of 2008. Dell says it has receive alternative take -- bids from Blackstone Group and separately Carl Icahn they could be superior to the 24 point four billion dollar offer from the company's founder Michael bell and private equity firm silver lake partners. And it may all come down to last licks. Next week Major League Baseball season starts and what matters most is last licks that the chance for the home team to take it all the ninth inning. That's also what matters most in this tech deal. Michael balance over lake still have a final chance to submit last bit so if either Carl Icahn or Blackstone submit a higher offer -- has they can always count. That's also maybe what the market seems to think today driving Dell stock up nearly a buck passed the founder of bidding price last month. In the time since Michael Dell has offered to take its company private the NASDAQ has appreciated about three and a half percent so it also stands with his offer should be -- I'm restoring sputtering our look at the movers sorry is Veeco Instruments. And a gorgeous beauty upgrading the maker of equipment for LTD and wireless markets from sell to buy the stock -- 10%. It's -- his Blackberry Goldman Sachs cutting the stock from buy to neutral. Citing disappointing US launch of the company's new touch screen device. Stock is off about 3%. That's if protect putting this Monday remember you can follow us on Twitter at RTR -- equity. I'm John Marino this work.

Techquity: Preferring Apple, battle for Dell

Monday, Mar 25, 2013 - 03:10

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