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U.S. Day Ahead: Housing faces key inventory test

Monday, Mar 25, 2013 - 02:28

Mar 25 - With the supply of new homes at record lows, economists want to see inventories rise above 150,000 in February to confirm home builders are gaining confidence in the market.

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With the US and 500 pulling back from its all time highs focused on the latest housing numbers for more clues about how the economy. He will be new home sales according to a Reuters poll they -- slow to 422000. New homes and never. After seeing her strongest growth in twenty years. Previous month. Pay close attention to date on new inventories. Nine counts now how could -- up in the future in January that was a 150000. Holiest image above the record what we saw last summer. We wanna see that number continue to rise because that indicates home builders have confidence. Had supplied this market value of bullish indicator that they've really believe the new homes market is back on the street. Real estate prices continue to rise with the release of the case Shiller housing index. Prices are at increased by almost 8% year over year in January thanks shrinking inventories. Time Phoenix and Las Vegas and some index's biggest drivers of bearing the brunt and the housing collapse of 2007. Slowdown could be -- things aren't losing moment. And coauthor of the report Robert Shiller via insider -- and eastern last -- he still thinks the real estate rebound is being fueled by speculators. -- most manufacturing durable goods. I'm five cents Easter one -- aircraft and defense spending growth in orders are slow half percent number it. It's down from the 7% spike in the previous month. Think you did you did a -- of defense to present on warm. These businesses are cutting back more deeply than I can and -- -- -- sequestration. And as I see investors are likely thinking more about us and obviously frustration when the government contractor reports earnings. The point embarrassed the company plans to separate IP services business in the next twelve months. That's a lot of different federal work which could send shares soaring by more than 30%. As he is already -- nearly 13% since the start of follow us on Twitter Reuters Insider -- former great videos that Reuters dot com slash Reuters TV. -- country's wealthiest most influential oilman Harold and splitting with -- -- We'll have with the settlement could mean where is holding eleven billion dollars eight continental energy. Likely end -- being one of the most closely watched divorces. -- -- I'm Fred -- just.

U.S. Day Ahead: Housing faces key inventory test

Monday, Mar 25, 2013 - 02:28

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