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Rough Cuts

Inside a New Jersey tent city - Rough Cuts

Tuesday, Mar 26, 2013 - 03:25

Homeless in Lakewood, New Jersey have created a tent city in the woods, complete with a church, chickens and a piano.(March 26, 2013)

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I. -- -- Over the last six years you know this camp has gone from one person. -- almost between seventy and eighty at this present time. You know this is pretty much myself another good you know people of the camp that. Have no other options and they realize that they've got no other options and so we all chipped it which have been together and now. Work together for the good of the community there is no homeless shelter in ocean county. In this area. And so people realize that they've got to protect the only place that they electrical -- in the so tense at. I actually went about an hour back in my heyday in. You know play in an apartment so it was not a problem. But now that I've been to this and I'm experiencing all of this. You know I think in America we have a housing problem. That we need to you know address the forest. Having affordable houses I mean that you provided to basic necessities he got a room full view yeah it's an island put -- roof. I'm driving habits drive you basically these necessities and make here. Let you know I'm not gonna think that it's gonna be forever because I don't live like this as the home. -- population grows in this area and across America because of the economy. I think all governments you all small it's you know this local governments and in the state and federal have got to realize that we got a situation you know line and that there's. More people becoming homeless and we've got a really deal with the situation. In a very aggressive manner -- on the head at all. We've actually been nearly three years. We came here because. It seemed like the best option for us and we haven't regretted it and always we liked it here. Her faith that doesn't mean. Industry I Willis in for 35 years which was takes this kind. In the check it quite well it's just collapsed it'll when I. There are no jobs. It's not it's conventional. You know and it. What is homeless as your -- homeless there review or as you. Your body and nice comfortable place you know. Like I said in a way. You know. You know -- -- in the in the with the treaties with the anti haven for the chicken and have. Words to. That's okay.

Inside a New Jersey tent city - Rough Cuts

Tuesday, Mar 26, 2013 - 03:25

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