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Techquity: Apple vs. Samsung, Microsoft's latest EU issue

Tuesday, Mar 26, 2013 - 03:25

Mar 26 - Latest data on the battle between Apple and Samsung, plus another group files a complaint with European regulators against Microsoft.

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One Smart connected devices for every seven people on earth. Latest data from IDC shows one billion Smartphones tablets desktop and laptop PCs shipped. In 2012 the total value nearly 600 billion dollars. The growth rate 29% year over year fueled by nearly 80% jump in tablet shipments. Growth expected to remain more than 20% this year before slowing by 2017. In the fourth quarter apple that it Samsung's heels iPhone 5 iPad -- helping Smart pitcher come within one percentage point at its Korean competitor which leads the pack. But apple focuses on higher end products lifting its percentage of worldwide revenues above 30%. Way ahead of Samsung. Annals have been clamoring for a low end iPhone from apple open boosted results and emerging markets some see one coming out later this year. IDC data shows those emerging markets -- the place to be for Smartphones. Growth rates there are about triple that of mature markets. Now I can buy that I thought it. T-Mobile the last major carrier to sell out. You'll pay a lot more of that and the other phones it offers but a lot less for its mobile plans and you won't get locked into a contract. He mobile is the first major US carrier to scrap phone subsidies. But it's also -- service contracts. An offering cheaper service plans and a bid to separate itself from the rest of the pack which typically offers subsidized phones and a two year contracts. Also hopes will help expand customer defections now consumers will pay for their phone and monthly payments over two years. Source Samsung galaxy S three will set you back a total of 550 dollars instead of the 200 bucks a rival carriers. But the monthly service plans are much cheaper and T-Mobile says that'll save consumers 1000 dollars over two years compared with AT&T. Be here Agee analyst Walter high success T-Mobile is branding itself as the low priced option. It says its customers will pay less altogether than those of Verizon and AT&T. In our best and the rest Microsoft facing another complaint in Europe this time it is from a Spanish association representing open source software users. 8000 members struck his -- Linux. The complaint with the European Commission that says Microsoft has made it difficult for uses of computers sold with -- windows eight platform. To switch to Linux and other operating systems Microsoft and the EC were not available for comment. Earlier this month the commission fine Microsoft more than 700 million dollars for failing to offer users a choice of web browsers. Shares of mr. softy roughly flat today you're twenty bucks. Soaring inspiring time our look at movers sewing is -- -- Raymond James raised its rating on the Internet communications company stock to market perform from underperform. Saying the company could deal likely acquisition target for oracle shares up 4%. And sputtering is Telecom Italian traders citing a Merrill Lynch downgrade for its weakness. US listed shares down more than 5%. That's kept putting this Tuesday remember you can follow us on Twitter RT IRS tends. I'm Fred Katayama this week.

Techquity: Apple vs. Samsung, Microsoft's latest EU issue

Tuesday, Mar 26, 2013 - 03:25

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