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Europe Day Ahead: Cyprus banks to reopen - but with controls

Wednesday, Mar 27, 2013 - 01:55

Mar. 27 - Banks in Cyprus are due to open for the first time since March 15th. Finance minister Michael Sarris says he wants to stop large sums leaving the country - but WON'T restrict dealings at home.

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Gonzales had to Thursday's key political and financial events banks is Cyprus -- opened the first time since March 15. Off to capital controls -- put in place to prevent Iran finance minister Michael saudis. Says he wants to stop launch sums leading the country but one restrict dealings of how whom some analysts say launched companies may still be able to find ways of moving their money. Big players. Will find it -- much easier. To get around the rules them as well as well I think that's always generate interest and have various ways to -- -- to -- you couldn't. Do it through trade you you know you can miss price trade get money out that way. The obesity publish its outlook for global economic growth it's like he did downgrade its estimates for the developed economies. The -- to more optimistic picture for the rest but -- them right off the US economy just yet. Could be about to turn a stellar performance in Q soon. The -- greens that well hang your view is combing the fiscal clear if this request. -- the eurozone crisis notwithstanding Cyprus. Have evaporated in and will fade into the background is the second quarter was old. Italy's Centre left party leader -- lose you best sounding reports the presidents Napolitano on his attempts to form a new government. So if I had little success in -- rivals such as that big radio. Into a coalition failure to form an administration is likely to lead to a fresh general election. Number of Germans out of work probably fell again in March the jobless rate remains close to a post reunification low. Boosting hopes that domestic him -- that will help support growth in Europe's largest economy. Panasonic had to faster. Keep ahead of the latest finance and business news with Reuters today each weeknight eight GMT. -- as well as.

Europe Day Ahead: Cyprus banks to reopen - but with controls

Wednesday, Mar 27, 2013 - 01:55

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