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Nelson Mandela in hospital for sixth day

Tuesday, Apr 02, 2013 - 01:18

April 2 - South African anti-apartheid hero Nelson Mandela spends a sixth day in hospital for a recurrence of pneumonia. Jessica Gray reports.

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Nelson Mandela is spending a sixth day in hospital, after doctors reported an improvement in his condition over the weekend. The former South African president is being treated for pneumonia. Concerned over his health, Johannesburg residents said Mandela's fight for racial equality in the country would never be forgotten. (SOUNDBITE) (English) SOWETO RESIDENT, SBU MOLOI, SAYING: "I want to wish him a speedy recovery and that he gets better very soon because this nation wouldn't be this nation today without his work, his dedication and everything." This is the third hospital visit in fourth months for the anti-apartheid leader and Nobel Peace Prize laureate. The 94-year-old has a history of lung problems, after contracting tuberculosis during his 27 years in jail as a political prisoner. (SOUNDBITE) (English) JOHANNESBURG RESIDENT, JOEL REGENBAUM, SAYING: "I just wish him well, I just wish him a speedy recovery, yeah I just think a man who's been through so much hardship in his life, surely he doesn't deserve this towards the end." He is best known for leading the struggle against white minority rule as well as for his efforts towards racial reconciliation while in power. Mandela left office in 1999 and has not been politically active for over a decade.

Nelson Mandela in hospital for sixth day

Tuesday, Apr 02, 2013 - 01:18

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