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Techquity: Less convinced about Apple and HP, says Goldman

Tuesday, Apr 02, 2013 - 02:02

Apr 2 - Goldman Sachs takes Apple down a notch and cuts Hewlett-Packard to sell.

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What convinced about apple. Goldman Sachs removed the company from its Americas conviction list and cuts its price target though it maintains a buy rating. Goldman is concerned about what it calls a considerable uncertainty around timing and impact of product refreshes. It's seized it limiting the stocks -- the expects the dividend bump or share repurchase to limit losses to. -- cutting its price target from 66575. Annals of the brokerage products coming -- the second half of 2013 need to be hits. To reignite the stock's momentum no apologies needed for apple fans today the stock up nearly 2%. Goldman Sachs trying to -- hottest performer this year into today's -- of -- now Hewlett-Packard stop falling on Goldman's downgrade to sell from neutral. Goldmans as investors have become too giddy on HP saying they overestimating. These chances of successfully turning itself around. Goldman is also turned negative on the very sector were HP compete PCs. Downgrading it to cautious from neutral. In -- unit demand in the first half this year falling three point 8%. Down sharply from its earlier forecast of half a percent. It is -- -- on printers and servers Goldman says tablets are cannibalizing PC. HP stock falling more than 6%. But it still up more than 60% this year. And a quiet move into the speech recognition company car like honestly than 9% stake in Nuance Communications. That the company's technology is used in Apple's Siri voice recognition feature. Icon not making much noise about its management or performance the stock is making noise as a result are up about 6%. And accept what is this Tuesday remembering it falls on Twitter RT RS template. I'm Fred Katayama and this is important.

Techquity: Less convinced about Apple and HP, says Goldman

Tuesday, Apr 02, 2013 - 02:02

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