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Wanna be a banker? Pass integrity test first

Tuesday, Apr 02, 2013 - 04:03

April 2 - Thousands of bankers risk being frozen out of the industry unless they pass a mandatory test measuring their ethics and integrity. Reuters Axel Threlfall takes the test to see how he measures up.

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Won a job in banking and take the tests from today everyone working in UK capital markets won't need to sit and integrity test. A systematic check on the moral compass of workers -- have a chartered institute for securities and investment is selling its. Others long they would Jews as CEO Simon called pain. We have a public duty to show people that something has changed something really different is happening. So quite prison on those who work in the capital markets they don't need to do something about showing demonstrating that he integrity and behavior. Is something at the beginning of that career a long sought profitability. In the test bankers -- -- how they react in six different situations. They must choose one of three responses. How principle they all depends on which they choose. One of the scenarios for example is to do with -- an example of -- Graduates through. Somehow doesn't do his degree and actually get through the firm without having taken -- today's summit discovered he has got a degree. What you do with someone like that wanna bother wanted I was actually took place is here and there were found -- -- -- to -- -- to do with a stolen -- -- Always it's still. It's actually found by another group who actually in their -- -- -- waiting to do that page and I find it on the chin and they read it but I keep it. Should they have kept -- what should they have done to that user information that they have. What would you do. My instincts that -- it's simple opportunism apps but not a failed for the acts decided to give the test again. What is the example Simon talked about college graduate who didn't actually finish his degree now as his manager I'm given. The real options one to feel sympathetic towards him. To. To see that he's been to stores and dismiss him or four weeks ago -- Shaw and -- has been recruitment issue I'm. I'm going to miss him -- voters I'll pick one in this case. Six scenarios in this test that everyone has to take. As I said there there there is a good arms bad on stuff and and and different dogs how many you don't -- you need to get in those six. Tests to pulse. Today today basically get three -- for your -- and three very near the right to get. So if you get four different different. You could do some 7000 people -- already taken the test most of cost. Is it tough enough this test -- that's a very good question I it's very difficult actually to bite and. And the integrity test is genuinely. Realistic and think I'm right back. We think it is actually quite testing and that they would have done -- say they have to really think for about thirty minutes. So -- cities but of course because people -- -- -- -- -- incidents like different and they know -- what that is. If if you say this that was the integrity testing 55 -- them on before we get to do. Also give it back also to keep you Polska SA -- giving back. These airports much more complex than people actually have a that consequently she knows anything else. Do you think it's gonna change the mentality in the long rom in this industry I think it is certainly a small step forward. It's a small change it is the first time in any jurisdiction. It any capital market policy with the whole world. That somebody she knew if they can detector test before they can think about taking examination so that's quite a strong message and that's quite a good message for the UK which says. We actually at the forefront of clean you out. And actually improve the integrity of spice. I took three tests are going to indifference. And one -- I can pretty much get back on -- you -- -- without a job right. If you kept it you get a few I'm gonna durable goods for the good place for you.

Wanna be a banker? Pass integrity test first

Tuesday, Apr 02, 2013 - 04:03

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