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Daily Digit: 8 million new Nexus 7s

Wednesday, Apr 03, 2013 - 01:11

April 4 - Google is aiming to ship as many as 8 million of its second generation Nexus 7 tablets around July, according to two sources familiar with the product. Conway G. Gittens reports.

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The Daily Digit today is 8 million. That's how many second generation Nexus 7 tablets Google plans to ship around July, two sources with knowledge of the yet-to-be launched product tell Reuters. The company is waging a war into lower price tablets, targeting Amazon's Kindle Fire and Apple's iPad mini. Google may sell the new gadget for as low as $149, according to one of the sources. The plan is to make the aggressively priced Nexus tablets a hit as more Nexus users would mean more exposure for Google ads, which Google gets most of its income. This is the first time details about the timing and sales targets for Google's new tablet are unveiled, although the company is not publicly releasing any information and declined to comment. What we hear from our sources is that the new version of the Nexus comes with a higher screen resolution, sleeker design and adopts Qualcomm's chip in place of Nvidia's Tegra 3, which was used in the first Nexus 7s released last year, but tossed for power reasons this time around.

Daily Digit: 8 million new Nexus 7s

Wednesday, Apr 03, 2013 - 01:11

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