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Breakingviews: Car sales on a roll

Wednesday, Apr 03, 2013 - 03:24

April 3 - Reynolds Holding and Breakingviews columnists talk strong U.S. auto sales and what they say about housing and the broader economy.

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We'll put some bright -- it is among the more Juan economic tidbits today. Car sales in the US have hit their highest level in years. And in the land of pickups and suvs and other assorted monsters that's pretty big news analysts have put -- some. Broad -- of potentially yeah it was just being a merely adding to the thing is that there was lots of concerns coming into this year to particularly for consumers that they would you kind of pull back to respond to talk about -- again there's going to be payroll tax increase. Sequestration. -- account we're seeing with Parcells is that if consumers are continuing to buy and which is a pretty big ticket items -- the biggest one you know outside of and that is Anthony has written before there's lots of pent up demand there's a -- -- aging you know vehicle fleet on the road. But I think you know with a pickle -- the pick up trucks out and that's kind of indicating to that you're giving us a little bit of virtuous cycle from housing and housing picks up. Construction workers actually need something to like is it also Paulson auction or is it because you know I'm -- people -- how to -- as they need to put something in the grotto that is a pretty strong on diet -- -- Yes that I as a strong crowd and the senate is a huge correlation between housing and pickup trucks since I'm not collapsing -- -- watched housing prices picked -- should see more trucks being so. Because there's more renovation McDonald houses more stepping -- -- aren't new bills and who -- his demise is that it's it's. How does the economy get effects of policy because yes there is and has been for years and took him on an average age -- -- -- 1112 years right and -- SEB it's like. Accessing forcing which -- gets a point where it don't -- long enough that I. -- -- -- what how much money to spend to keep -- -- clunker on the road for -- is getting anyone -- -- what was the parents and it's it's -- 50% rule which parents -- and that's with -- yeah I think some people. Knowledge is he going out buying it has different grand apparel probably isn't ineffectual and told you I would gets it right. But I don't let you know if you get on the margin if you some muscle an average and it and it -- sitting in a -- and big soda and. And usually inning when you're looking at your body -- like lets you know -- five -- ash -- -- by car and but again the it seems to be people are. -- deciding what is -- how does that mean this is a moment in other words is a sustainable or the good news is that they and I think it's against positive news -- still to get through the effects of sequestration. You know which is this kind of federal spending cuts that are that are coming. But again if we get through that period and and -- there is no meaningful slowdown I think people are gonna start to reevaluate it march was great but no matter how good was it was still a bit lower than. The prior three or four months so yeah. I think some of the incentives. Going away flying cars even though the price that people are paying for cars is up a little bit yeah so it it's almost like trade. Copyright and the first two months -- often. Some of the Bessie -- Nextel must regardless of everything else they get -- must might not be as difficult -- and -- I can go well that that the customs -- haven't quite hit across the bold yet yeah right and those of the payroll tax. The people re noticeable. I notices I -- -- -- -- you -- and say maybe they have nice I think you re not sitting pretty nice but it's not the second week in January pride while there's some reason for optimism though which is. But when Clinton we're gonna have to leave it there for now but stay tuned tomorrow for more breaking news.

Breakingviews: Car sales on a roll

Wednesday, Apr 03, 2013 - 03:24

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