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Techquity: Google, Facebook hardware options

Wednesday, Apr 03, 2013 - 02:44

Apr 3 - Google prepares for release of another tablet while Facebook prepares for announcement about its mobile offerings.

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Here comes hardware from Google and possibly FaceBook. Let's face it neither of these companies is about making money on hardware let's start Google. It'll launch a new version of the nexus seven tablet this summer according to Reuters sources. Who plans to ship about eight million devices all of the second half of the year. That sell this many groups probably have to price and cheaply. Real high profits for Google it's -- -- -- which is actually making this tablet. We're talking razor thin margins here. So why do it well who makes tons of money essentially all of its revenue from advertising. If he believes apple tablets who gets a smaller cut of each search dollar. Get the money android devices and more and you follows. Get the money nexus seven and who gets all the revenue and a showcase display cool features to show other hardware makers what's cable and android. That's good for its competition with apple. Who shares down about 1% today roughly in line with the overall market. Now FaceBook there have been rumors about the social network introducing a phone for years now finally looks like it'll happen at a precedent Thursday. It's not about to turn into apple or Samsung. It's exciting making hardware. The company appears to be taking a cautious approach. Partner -- Taiwan's HTC. And music doesn't have to worry about hardware. Using android means -- but can easily cheaply focus on adding value through software by encouraging users to spend time in the social network instead of other sites. There's also a bit of insurance for FaceBook the company gets more mobile software experience to be invaluable for any eventual showdown with Google. It's stock's up about 3% ahead of the announcement only about twice Xbox. There are soaring at sputtering today we start with Zynga. Game company's shares are up 15%. Barely a blip on this long term chart that's how far it's fallen. It is now it's offering online gambling to UK customers. And anyone who's ever seen casino knows how just how profitable gambling can be. The real price using it will be pick and roll out these games in the US. But investors may be getting ahead themselves here they're playing it companies already offering gambling a line in the case -- competition's going to be fierce. And there's no assurance most US states will allow online gambling. Zynga may also be throwing rocks -- a hornet's nest he can't rivals will surely be action challenging easing in the US -- online gambling is legalized. Sputtering today Vodafone after Verizon's and it doesn't have any immediate plans to merge with a -- partner in Verizon Wireless. US listed shares in the UK company down about 4%. That's equity is Wednesday. -- can follow us on Twitter parts here -- equity and -- Aaron and his writers.

Techquity: Google, Facebook hardware options

Wednesday, Apr 03, 2013 - 02:44

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