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U.S. Day Ahead: FB phone already getting dislikes

Wednesday, Apr 03, 2013 - 02:33

Apr 3 - With reports Facebook is set to launch a new phone Thursday, analysts are already predicting it could be a dud.

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He's my boss Mark Zuckerberg finally be jumping into the phone business. It's blocked me the number one social network site and show off and you get ice built by HTT and powered by android. It's the latest attempt by the company to turn its one million plus users and you know Alan dollars and cents and getting down to eat 3-D -- not. But could provoke that backlash. I spoke to one analyst Charles Goldman at Forrester consider consumers like to see FaceBook as a distinct sense. Based group wants to be the way that you call people believe that your email people text instant message but that may just be one. And -- In the meantime the stock closed up over 3% to about twelve dollars below its IPO price. For more analysis check out our -- no integrity. On the economy had a -- march jobs report your big -- Thursday as first time jobless claims. Our experts that I have -- say those are sent to streak to 350000. After last week I didn't jump. Why would any investors I think I. After four straight weeks of powdered -- After reading. Your agent did anything about 360000. Gave -- the effective sequestration is kicking and faster than most economists predict. We'll also get the latest tape from top bad policy makers. Think sneakers I'm including top dog and -- T he'll be speaking about financial education. RDP teams that vote on vice chair Danny yelling. She will be if she needs any comments about winding down 85 billion dollar a month on average programmer really did change and keep it pretty impressive running clubs dwelling into the recovery. And be sure to watch our back box on the -- trillion dollar stimulus plan is igniting an explosion. And sub prime Ottawa. What you're betting big on Europe don't miss the head of the ECB Mario Draghi when he speaks after a heat policy meeting. Is on strong need to calm investors' nerves after Cyprus is brush with the financial meltdown he how many -- go wrong. Slovenia and heels on the country's two year bonds -- -- -- nine market meet their high risk of diesel. And follow us on Twitter at writers and tighter and more of our great video that dot com slash writers TV as we speak to one award winning fund manager about why -- and gas companies may lose. An energy bill. I'm putting on it. It's -- years.

U.S. Day Ahead: FB phone already getting dislikes

Wednesday, Apr 03, 2013 - 02:33

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